Cloud Atlas Trailer Looks Like Nicholas Sparks First SciFi Movie.

I found the trailer at this link, it looks like they’re stopping it from being on YouTube and similar sites.  If you want to watch it head over to that link and then come back here.

So what do you think?  What is happening here?  Most of all, is this a movie you want to see?

I’ve sat through the trailer a few times now.  I read various other pop culture sites and saw what they had to say.  All that everyone is saying is that the movie looks amazing.  Its so visual, look at it, wow at the graphics.

None of that makes for a good movie.

All apologies to those who liked it and are on this site, but I thought Sucker Punch was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.  A movie that looked so pretty.  The trailers made me feel like I would have the greatest movie experience of my life.  Instead I get a shitty movie about rape.

I feel exactly the same about Cloud Atlas.  Minus the rape.  I hope.

The danger of a five minute trailer is that too much of the plot is revealed.  This is the story of two star crossed lovers over centuries.  It might be the soul, it might be reincarnation, it could be lots of things.  Whatever it is, it is the story of these two lovers coming together in different times, locales and bodies over centuries of time.  I’m willing to bet that they end up together in the end.

And that’s the problem.  I don’t care how pretty it is.  So far this is an over blown inflated love story with some pretty graphics.  The voice over may as well say “the first science fiction story from the best selling author Nicholas Sparks”.

Check your Nicholas Sparks list.  Two lovers, something separates them, they fall in love anyways, some other horrible thing happens. The end.  If there’s an upcoming poster of two versions of these lovers kissing in the rain then Cloud Atlas completes Nicholas Sparks bingo.


  1. I would completely agree with you, except, ‘Cloud Atlas’ is one of the greatest stories written since 2000. I don’t care to see the movie, because the source material is un-filmable in many respects, but to compare it to Nicholas Sparks, on merit, without a real indication of source material is ridiculous.

    • Oh I’m just going movie to movie in the comparisons. There is no shortage of amazing books turned into shitty movies. I’m not bringing the book into it at all because you’re right to compare the two would be an insult.

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