Top 4 Matches of the Week in WWE 7/22/12 – 7/28/12

While Raw was a good show it definitely did not have a contender for match of the week and losing FCW weekly costs me a show with excellent matches. Now I’m down to three shows in the WWE that could have potentially epic matches every week and I could feel the pressure growing. Luckily this week the WWE wanted to give me good matches, good enough ones that made this a hard choice!

4. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel – Superstars

While this match went above the Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre match on Superstars, I have to concede while I adore all of these men, Sin Cara and Drew McIntyre might have been the more technically sound match. That doesn’t take away from the hard work these four put into the match. Hawkins and Reks are Power vs. Kidd and Gabriel’s swift limbs. Never a dull moment in matches with these four, whether against each other or others.

3. Fatal 4Way – Smackdown

Never did I think I not only would be putting Mysterio in a Top 4 of anything, but Bryan as well? Though I must admit when it comes to wrestling ability, Bryan has it. This match moved at a good pace with Del Rio and Kane and Bryan showing off their prowess in different arenas and between those three they pulled off an incredible main event for the show that was actually given enough time to shine. While I do not begrudge anyone their nostalgic love for Mysterio, with the numerous surgeries and still not quite being in shape after the last one, he’s not a sound wrestler and it is up to the other three. Luckily they are up to the task.

2. Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre – Superstars

Drew McIntyre has always been an incredible wrestler, and with Sin Cara back and botch free (the thing with Ziggler still doesn’t count) this was already set up to be a great match. Better than their match the week before the rematch saw McIntyre looking a little stronger and more prepared, and while McIntyre lost again this round, he didn’t go down easily.

1. Miz vs. Christian – Smackdown

Another one that surprised me this week. Who would have thought Miz was going into match of the week? While Chris and I didn’t agree on the order I had to give the nod to Miz and Christian for match of the week. This was the match I wish we had seen for the title on Raw and it opened up Smackdown with high hopes, and Smackdown didn’t fail (except for all of the Raw Recaps, but that’s for another blog). This might not have been a perfect match but for entertainment value it wins by telling the story and showcasing two men who can often get lost in the shuffle.

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