Soulfire #1 from Aspen Comics Review.

From Aspen Comics, JT Krul, Mike DeBalfo, Nei Ruffino, Josh Reed.

After the exciting “Search for the Light” cross over Soulfire is back in the fourth volume of this series.  Please do not worry about it being the fourth volume.  Aspen throws the reader right into the story but its the most interesting and dramatic story in this series yet.

All of your favorite Masters of Magic are in play.  They want to bring magic back, but every one of them still has their own ideas how best to do this.  Some are in the camp of Malachi, some only pretend to be, and one in particular did not come out of the Search for the Light as untouched as we all originally thought.

The world of Soulfire has become my favorite world building in all of comics.  All of the agendas, all of the secrets, and all of the changes in each and every issue puts this comic at the top of the pile each and every month.  Comic books have become so easy to predict.  Certain characters are untouchable, some basic ideas must always be there.  Not in Soulfire.  The huge reveal within this first issue shows that no one is safe.  Bloggers and comic book fans around the world complain that comics feel too safe and predictable.  Every single one of those fans needs to put down the Marvel or DC book and buy the first issue of Soulfire.

You know what else is in here?  Dragons.  There is a spread in this issue that rivals all three Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Game of Thrones, etc for the best representation of death destruction and chaos created by dragons unleashed.  It is a gorgeous and jaw dropping piece of art.  The kind that fans of Aspen Comics have become accustomed to.  The same kind that just isn’t seen in so much from the big two. Lets get some backgrounds up in here!  The details of architecture, clothing, fantastic characters and monsters all help this world come alive.  Lines of varying degrees, not one of which is overshadowed by another.  Colors that are somehow dark and also vibrant.

The only competition this title has is with the other worlds under the Aspen banner.  Worlds spanning wars are brewing across all of Aspen’s titles and every single one of them has evolved in its own unique way.  This massive war of magic is without limits.  No limits on writing, on art, on creativity, on twists nor turns.  Soulfire is guaranteed excitement and a guaranteed great read that you should buy on your trip to the local comic book store today.

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