Avengers VS X-Men #8 Review.

From Marvel Comics, all of the architects and an emphasis on Brian Michael Bendis and Adam Kubert here.

I really need to go back through and refresh my memory here for which issues were good and which drove me crazy.  Its entirely possible we have a Star Trek movie rule here.  Every other issue is good.

The script, the art, all of it fires off successfully here.  Namor has always followed his own code, no matter who that code goes against.  He brings the power of the Phoenix, all of the waters, and the creatures and humanoids of the deep to fight alongside him.  This is a war.  Wars like only Marvel can do.  Wakanda doesn’t exist in our world and thus it can be destroyed within Marvel without any questions.  Manhattan exists, if it is destroyed then what happens to the people, how does the city rebuild, etc.  Nope, screw it, destroy the made up country.

Then there is the fight and oh wow what a fight it is.  Blood is drawn.  Rocks are flung!  Rocks!  Coming off  of the Thing like body parts.  And speaking of body parts, what happens to Red Hulk in here is one of the more jaw dropping scenes Marvel has had in years.  Its always scary and shocking when someone strong is hurt.  Its also a painful scene to read.  Every reader must have winced after flipping the page.  The scene is on the same level of Morpheus hitting the toilet face first in the first Matrix movie.

Finally there is the defeat within victory.  Sure Namor is down, but the other Phoenix holders are now that much more powerful.  It was already near impossible to defeat them.  And now they’re stronger?  Bad times ahead.  Very bad times.  Followed up by the mother of all cliffhangers when Professor X appears.

The art is great.  Panels are cluttered in this issue, same as the last, but they flow so much better here.  The heroes look heroic, the danger is dangerous and I cant think of any possible complaint.

Is it possible to have a Reader’s Digest condensed version of the eventual graphic novel?  What is good is great and what is bad is downright awful.

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