Avengers VS X-Men #9 Review.

From Marvel Comics, loads of guys who know where their home row keys are with focus on Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert.

Well, pay no attention to the theory from the last review.  This is an issue just as good if not better than the previous one.

May as well call this issue AVX starring Spider-Man.  While Spidey can lift cars over his head and hold up the Daily Bugle he is also seen as a weaker hero and very much the common man under a mask.  This hero who has saved the world numerous times still feels like an amateur among the true heroes.  It is obvious Peter looks up to Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.  He doesn’t feel like he is in the same league no matter how many times he himself proves otherwise.  The speech that opens up this tale should go into every Best of Spider-Man and/or Best of the Avengers from now on.  The Avengers have gods and regular people with a weapon or two plus every power level and type in between.  Every single one of them matters.  Every one is needed and necessary and it has taken Spidey to make us aware of that.

Now that we know Marvel NOW is on the horizon, everything feels a little bit more dangerous here.  People might actually die.  Things just may be changed forever.  While reading the book I thought you know there’s a good chance Spider-Man dies within the pages.  Wouldn’t be permanent of course, but for a few months Marvel can do anything and not worry about it.

Why not use that time to show what an A list hero Spider-Man truly is.  Not that we’ll ever see him swear, but his moment could have been summarized with, “you get the fuck out, I’ll handle this”.  But he doesn’t.  He doesn’t handle anything of the sort.  He offers himself up as a sacrifice, as a martyr, as the kind of hero Uncle Ben would be proud of.  There have been some surprisingly great Spider-Man scenes in this event.

Speaking of Spider-Man, damn Marvel just does not want their heroes to be married.  Black Panther and Storm split and that is a damn shame.  The Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, magic and science and nature were all represented in one marriage.  This union could have been the fulcrum of the entire Marvel Universe.  Its a damn shame, but all is not lost.  The most difficult thing to do is to create something for the first time.  Once it has existed, its that much easier to recreate it later in life.  Hopefully some future writer wants to explore T’Challa and Ororo further.

Great issue with an ending that steps up the stakes for the next issue.  Only a few issues left and its no longer hyperbole.  The Marvel Universe really truly will never be the same again.

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