The Smarked for Death Wrestling Review for WWE Smackdown 7/27/12.

Shows opens with highlights from Raw 1000, which should be expected.

The Miz and Christian argue about the events of Raw 1000. We have a title rematch.
The Miz (new Intercontinental champion) vs. Christian.
This becomes a shockingly good match. Miz has been gone for a little while, and was facing a losing streak and a bad year before that time off. Christian was injured for quite awhile and hasn’t clicked with everyone he’s been thrown in the ring against. This match, thankfully, is fantastic. Miz and Christian deserve to be put into the veterans category now. The match tells a story, there is an ebb and flow. Both men know how to read the crowd. That same crowd is on their feet with every single two count. The two men do such a great job telling this story that every single move is ripe with potential for a three count.
Miz gets the pin with a roll up and a hook of the tights, and its the right thing to do. Christian still looks strong. Miz gets a huge push on his way back in. He will do anything it takes to win, and that’s going to make him that much more interesting to see. Miz was once the most watched champion in WWE history, and he needs more moments and more matches like this to reclaim that title once again.
Jinder Mahal does not have the win/loss record to deserve/necessitate such a grandiose ring entrance.
Jinder Mahal vs. Ryback.
This is not the squash I expected it to be. Jinder has some great kicks and knees in his arsenal. This is an aspect of his character that should be exploited. I have always found him to be boring, but these were some stiff kicks and from some very athletic angles.
Of course, its no where near enough. Jinder gets Ryback down. Down so low he even has opportunity to lock on the Camel Clutch. Ryback stands up out of it and starts to get a comeback going. Mahal stops it real short though. Jinder rolls out of the ring and just walks off. Ryback wins by DQ and looks strong. Funny thing is, Jinder didn’t get pinned and in turn also look strong. This could be an interesting character progression, for both men.
More scenes from Raw. I really need to Tout my opinions some more. I’m sure I can make it to Raw or Smackdown. Should I tell my name in the video? Wear my Team Hellions t-shirt? Well, maybe I should just make the Tout videos first before worrying about what I’m going to do in them.
Its the recently dumped Daniel Bryan! Sheamus comes in with his wedding present. Eh, may as well give it away. He could have thrown away the receipt already. Sheamus’s gift was a framed picture of the infamous 18 seconds from WrestleMania. WWE! Keeping track of continuity, you know, when we want to.
Sheamus (World champion) vs. Cody Rhodes.
There is an adorable child dressed up like Sheamus in the crowd. Someone get that kid a picture and an autograph. The annoucers say Raw 1000 was the highest rated Raw in a decade. Hey, yeah, remember that era of Attitude and competition? No no, by all means go PG and have John Cena be a joke and stop matches with a tiny bit of blood anytime someone bites their tongue.
This is a match lacking sense, which is really too bad because both men are doing great work. Sheamus is doing well with power, and also selling. Cody is a future world champion and capable of carrying damn near anyone. There is a gorgeous moonsault, maybe an all time great one, executed by Cody Rhodes. Not sure when he added that to his arsenal. Also new is Cody locking on a full nelson. Little strange to do that when Cody is a smaller guy. Not a power guy, not a tall guy, and thus the Full Nelson doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
I have to assume this match is non title or else Cody is a moron for nearly accepting a count out victory. Maybe a count out win would put him into contention but count outs and DQs do not make a champion.
Dolph Ziggler has come out, with the ever pleasently changing Vickie Guerrero. What are the wedges that sprinters place themselves on called? Are they blocks? Because Dolph is up on blocks. He is getting ready to get in that ring running the moment Sheamus is down for a possible three count. He is constantly intense and constantly paying attention, waiting for that perfect moment. Its a small touch but it makes that briefcaseinto the most exciting part of WWE.
Cody misses that moonsault and Sheamus starts to begin his comeback. Rhodes should have been nastier and angrier to get across this match. Cody being smaller than Sheamus he should not be playing a strength match. Cody should be the quicker more cunning one. For example, Cody hits the Beautiful Disaster and that is such a fast and impactful move that it does look like it should take out the much bigger champion. Cody goes for a second one but as Gorilla would say, he went to the well one too many times. Sheamus catches him and its a 5 moves of doom set up. Culminating with the Brogue kick and a three count. Dolph tries to catch Sheamus unawares after the match, but alas no and the breifcase will not be cashed in this night.
Someone else decides to cash in their agenda tonight though. Chris Jericho runs out of no where and tosses Dolph into the ring to eat a Brogue kick. Jericho iswearing Dolph’s trademark pink shirt and this might be what we all needed out of Jericho. Maybe the battle over who is Best in the World was not the place to go. But the battle of show offs could lead to something spectacular.
Santino Marella (US champion) vs. Antonio Cesarao (with Aksana).
I have not been on my super fan game lately. This is the first time I’ve seen Antonio in the ring. I have seen Claudio Castignolli many many times before, but not Antonio. Santino is a champion and over huge, so I’m already negative about this match. Antonio should win over Santino each and every time if we base this on talent. But that’s not how WWE works. Sure enough he misses a move and Santino goes for the Cobra and I’m let down. Wait! Wait! Cesaro avoids it and something is happening! Cesaro fights back and then picks up Santino for what I’ll call a cradle face plant until someone gives me a better name for the finisher. Finisher indeed and Antonio moves up the ranks of WWE.
Side note, what the hell is Aksana wearing? She lifts her arm up and either her pants are much lower than they look or she’s wearing panties that start at her rib cage. Really strange outfit.
Damien Sandow destroys Yoshi Tatsu. It was just a massacre. Quick match so he can have a post match promo that I think may have lasted longer than the match. Sandow has some incredible skills. Great mic work, wonderful heel heat, and a beast in the ring. Future star all over this one.
Remember when Yoshi Tatsu won the WrestleMania pre show battle royal and it seemed like something good was going to happen to him? He hasn’t done anything since WWE-ECW folded.
For the #1 Contender spot:
Kane vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio.
Did Daniel turn face on Raw? Is Kane a face? We’re in a very confusing time of WWE. We were told back in the Attitude era that the age of good guys and bad guys was over. Then it became a little too clear that it was all about good guys and bad guys. Now I really have no idea. Rey for sure is face, Del Rio a heel. But the other two men could have arguements made for either side.
Rey and Del Rio are getting to know each other quite well. There are some very quick moves and counters out of both men. Moves that just cant be pulled off unless the opponents have great familiartiy.
Uh oh its becoming a spot fest. Over the top, through the ropes, Kane showing off some power moves. None of it is providing a story worthy to crown a new number one contender.
Use those tight ring ropes guys! Whether its Cody’s Beautiful Disaster or Del Rio richocheting off to catch Bryan in the corner, those ropes are great at assisting some high impact moves. Then there’s a guy like Kane who doesn’t need ropes to be high impact.

Although Kane using the ropes to launch himself off for a very low dropkick against Rey was actually quite spooky.  Something that big hitting something that small seems ripe for disaster.  Of course, that small thing is Rey Mysterio though.  The greatest under dog in the history of wrestling.  Rey fights back until Del Rio takes him out.  Alberto then attacks Kane and the match is damn near over before Bryan comes back in and goes after ADR.  Four men in the ring could lead to a mess but this match has led to many twists and turns and I honestly have no idea who will end up winning this one.

Del Rio is about to tap out, Bryan is about to get a title shot, but Kane stops Alberto’s hand from coming down.  Kane tosses out Bryan and is about to attack the seemingly injured Del Rio.  Alberto fights back and almost has Kane beat.  But this is the Big Red Monster.  One choke slam is all it takes for Kane to get the… NO!  Rey comes in and breaks up the pin.  Bodies everywhere!  All four men so desperately want this opportunity.

Rey hits a double 619 on Del Rio and Bryan.  Kane is out on the outside.  Mysterio has this won but NO!  Ricardo Rodriguez of all people pulls Rey out of the ring.  Del Rio rolls over and steals Rey’s pin on Daniel Bryan.  Alberto Del Rio is the new number one contender for the World title.

That was a great and exciting finish to the match.  As said before, I am not a Del Rio fan but that was a great heel move and a good story to thrust him back into the spotlight.


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