The League has spoken: Show me some green!

This week, the League was asked to show some green. There was a great variety in the responses, and here’s a montage of all the blogs who contributed…

Ack! I missed one! Check out the green over on Pendragon’s Post.

If you’re in the League (or even if you’re not), feel free to copy the html code for the above table and put up a post on your own site to help spread the linkage around (and hey, free blog content!).


Remember, to stay a League member in good standing, you should add some links to your fellow League members in your post to help spread the love. I’ll post the new topic later today!

Don’t forget, if you sign up for the Cool & Collected email newsletter, you will get a reminder on Mondays about the League topics and results.

If you’re playing along at home and want to join the League, all you need is a love of pop culture and a blog. Come join the fun, and tell your friends!

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