Stunners of the Day 1. Rachel Clark and Wade Barrett.

Stunners of the Day is the new daily column in which we feature one man and one woman who is doing something stunning this week.  And we give you a couple of pictures to look at.

Wade Barrett


Wade is expected to return by next week to the stage and ring of the WWE.  Fingers crossed he makes a dramatic and unexpected return on either Raw or Smackdown this week.  Wade is a former Intercontinental and was just about to reach that main event talent level before an injury forced him to the sidelines.  Expect Barrett to be immediately put into the WWE or World title hunt and most likely he will hold one of those titles by the end of the year.  Also, ladies love the accent. (He’s British girls.)


Rachel Clark





Rachel is a super model who has done a lot of work around the world, but this week may be her biggest.  Rachel will be on the cover of Idolized #1 from Aspen Comics.  She is portraying the role of Joule, star of the comic book.  This is super heroes meets American Idol.  Talented men and women from around the world try out to join the world’s greatest super hero team.  Its going to be a great comic book and Rachel is a great woman to feature on the cover.  Hopefully these covers sell well for Aspen and gain Rachel Clark a whole new group of fans.

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