Executive Assistant Assassins #2 from Aspen Comics Advanced Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Jordan Gunderson, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.


The story of this issue follows two characters.  One is your favorite black sheep drug addicted Executive Assistant, Lily.  The other is the evil and ruthless businessman, determined to end all of the Executive Assistants, Mazutsu.  The two have not yet had their eventual confrontation, but that does not mean their paths are not already linked.  For this issue is a story of addiction.

Lily is working through her dependence on heroin.  She is constantly chasing dragons, just trying to feel something.  The usual fears: money, relationships, death – don’t affect her the way it affects normal people like you and I.  She strips, she takes drugs, she lives under her own rules, she kills.  When these are the day to day regular events something crazy has to happen in order to make life interesting enough to continue living it.  Damn if in this crazy world something normal, like a friend, like quiet, is so different that it is almost immediately accepted and embraced.  If chaos is your constant companion than order is the sexy temptation.

Then there is Mazutsu Sai.  He serves the two large and complimentary addictions of money and power.  In this election year, please take lessons from this character.  Not one overly wealthy person nor one career politician is interested in helping you.  They only help themselves and those like them.  What’s the old quote?  “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Mazutsu is only interested in grabbing at more from the pie.  If that means taking out all of the Executive Assistants just to further his goals, so be it.  Its their own fault for getting in the way, right?

Its a better use of the 1% than what was attempted in the Dark Knight Rises.  Lily is a more interesting and well rounded anti hero than any character who told tales wrapped in chromium covers and polybags.  Mazutsu could quickly join the ranks of evil businessmen and stand toe by toe with Lex Luthor or Norman Osborn.  However in two issues Sai has already shown more callousness than either of those classic characters displayed in decades.

Flowers may be the perfect choice for representing the Executive Assistants.   Created to be beautiful but with poisonous potential underneath.

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