Stunners of the Day 2: Sax Carr and Marisha Ray.

Stunners of the Day is our new daily column in which we feature one man and one woman that you should be paying attention to.  A man and a woman who are doing something stunning.  Plus we put up some pictures.  So lets look at our two Stunners for today.

First up is our long time friend Sax Carr.  Sax needs your votes!  You may recognize Sax as the best and sexiest looking Captain America just this side of Chris Evans.  Watch the video below and then vote for Cap!  Sax is in the second round of the Tournament of Nerds and he is smoking all of the competition.  There should be no contest.  But you know, maybe his opponent has a lot of friends that keep voting.  Which means you need to vote for Sax!  As a thank you Sax will guarantee hours and hours of entertainment.   mmmmmLadies?   Sax will give it to you each and every week for on average one hour.  Every time.  On all of his entertaining as hell podcasts.  For a full list and more check him out at his site.


Then watch the video and vote for Sax.  A vote for Sax Carr is a vote for America!


Next up is Marisha Ray.  Marisha is starring in the all new web series Batgirl Spoiled.  Which is brought to you by Sax Carr!  How did that work out?  Anyways, Marisha is rarer than your favorite steak.  She is a legit geek girl.  Not a fake one, not a model being paid to cosplay.  She is straight up geek.  In fact, there are some great geeky pictures below for you to enjoy.  But best of all she is starring as your favorite Batgirl, Stephanie Brown!  Yeah!  Screw the Smallville comics and New 52.  We got your favorite Batgirl live and in action!




Expect plenty more Batgirl Spoiled videos throughout the day.


(Shhhh don’t tell anyone about this video.  Make them think its only about cars.  Until the end.)

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