Archer and Armstrong #1 from Valiant Comics Review.

From Valiant Comics, Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry, Matt Milla, Dave Lanphear.

I have been meaning to try the new Valiant titles for awhile now.  As part of everything that was wrong with 90s comics I bought a lot of Image and “extreme” Marvel titles, but not a whole lot of Valiant.  Sure there are a few books in the collection, and I remember enjoying them, but I was young and with terrible taste.  So how are these new titles?

Archer and Armstrong in its first issue has become a must buy for me each and every month.  That’s how good it is.

Archer was raised by Evangelists and their (wrong) teachings.  It is all he has known until it is his mission to go out into the world and change it.  Armstrong is centuries old and the exact opposite of everything Archer has been taught.  They meet up, adventure ensues, and at the end Archer is confronted with information that completely changes his life.  All of this in the first issue.

Its the perfect comic book at this time.  There are so many battles in this book.  The haves vs the have nots.  Religion vs science.  What one is taught vs what we discover on our own.  It is the rift taking place right now in real life before all of us plopped down in one of the best written, best drawn comics you’ll have the pleasure to read.

Agree or disagree with any thoughts in this book all you want, but take a lesson from it.  The book is called Archer AND Armstrong.  Not Archer against Armstrong.  Not A vs A.  Archer. AND. Armstrong.  Despite our differences we can assist each other to greater goals.  That which divides us can also unite us.  Your skills and knowledge need not be a weapon against mine.  Together they might achieve what neither of us can do on our own.

I can see why the previous incarnation of this series was named best buddy team book.  Only one issue in and I am sold on these two.  I’m also sold on Valiant.  Now step aside while I hope there are some copies of X-O Manowar and Bloodshot left on the stands.


  1. welcome aboard the valiant train. I loved this book too but you must check out x-o manowar and harbinger. They are even better. Especially harbinger!

  2. I picked this up this week and really enjoyed it, as a result I picked up x-o manowar 1 – 3 and liked those as well

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