Batgirl Spoiled – Behind The Scenes Teaser.


Here’s a little taste of the behind the scenes documentary we’re going to release simultaneously with the full Trailer and Kickstarter video. Friend of the show Matt Munson had his cameras following us every step of the way. The full video (which is pretty amazing) will drop the same day as the full fight trailer, providing all goes to plan.

Please remember to like and share this video, as well as our regular trailer video here:

Also Matt Munson is a bit of a prop making wizard himself, and on top of donating some props to the project, he makes some great ones from all walks of fandom. Check out his work here:

and he has some stuff here too

Batgirl: Spoiled is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros.
Batgirl: Spoiled is a not-for-profit fan webseries and is not intended for sales of any sort.

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