Batgirl: Spoiled Teaser w/ Comics On Comics Bonus Footage.


A few weeks ago our Batgirl (Marisha Ray) was asked to be a guest on “Comics On Comics” a live talk show hosted at the Improv in Los Angeles California. We prepared them a very special version of our teaser that included an exclusive first look at some of our first fight scene. Now they’ve been kind enough to let us release that footage for you fine folks to see.

The story is, that Mario Rocha, who was one of our stunt performers (thugs) in the fight is also the older brother of Juan Rocha, who is one of the producers of “Comics On Comics”. So we figured as a treat we would show Juan his big brother getting his butt kicked by Batgirl. Presumably this makes them even for some sort of childhood rivalry. We may never know.

The end result ended up being quite nice. Its funny as all hell, and also gives you a chance to see parts of the fight scene you won’t get anyplace else (until the full version drops later this week).

So sit back and enjoy!

If you like this, and haven’t gone and offically “liked” or shared our teaser sans Mario footage, please do Use this link here:

Check out for more info on how you can take in this great live event.

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Batgirl: Spoiled is a not-for-profit fan webseries and is not intended for sales of any sort.

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