Stunners of the Day 3: The Prodigy Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis.

Featuring our first couple!

Stunners of the Day is Team Hellions daily column featuring one man and one woman that we feel you need to pay more attention to.  Today we feature The Prodigy Mike Bennett and the First Lady of ROH, Maria Kanellis.

These two will be facing Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards at Ring of Honor’s upcoming IPPV “Boiling Point”.  This match is THE match that many fans are paying for.  Of course everything else ROH features on this IPPV will be amazing.  But to see these two mixed tag teams in the ring is dare I say, a dream match.

You may remember Maria from her time in WWE, but don’t for a minute think that is all there is to her.  Maria has never been better.  Skill, appearance, promos, ring work – everything has improved since her time in WWE.  She truly fits in to Ring of Honor.  She fits into anything she attempts.  Music, television, and of course professional wrestling.  Its a cliche to say that the camera loves someone, but it has never been more true than it is for Maria.  Sit down for a couple of minutes to watch an interview and then wonder where the last half hour to hour of your life has gone.  In fact, watch this video now.  Grab a drink, kick back, and fall in love.

Mike Bennett is my choice for the wrestler to watch over the next year.  He has a great look, he’s such a natural heel, and can hang in the ring with anyone.  His entourage adds an It Factor to his overall aura.  Its impossible to not pay attention when he is in the ring.  What will he do?  What dastardly trick will he pull?  Will there be outside interference?  All of these questions enter the minds of every fan the moment Mike comes out.  What you need to ask is, how soon will he be wearing a major title?

Now lets look at some pictures of the happy couple!










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