Batgirl: Spoiled Full Trailer.



Its finally here! At long last, we now present the full trailer of “Batgirl: Spoiled”. I’m sure it’s left you with a lot of unanswered questions: Who will jump in at the last second to rescue Steph? How are all these characters involved? Where’s Batman? Who’s the handsome man playing the Riddler? Well all will be answered in the series for sure. For more info now, check out and follow our Facebook group for the latest in set leaks, behind-the-scenes photos, and inside track information (that’s here

A little info while we have your attention: The fight you see in the trailer is not actually from the series, but instead a proof of concept we shot to let people know what we are working with. Most of these thugs will be back in Episode 1, so if you have a thug crush, you won’t have to wait long. Our Movement Director & Fight Choreographer Paradox Pollack ( designed the fight, and it was shot over two days in downtown LA. The character cameos at the end were produced over several days and are part of a larger “character trailer” that should be coming out soon. Also coming soon is the full behind-the-scenes featurette on the making of the trailer, as well as some hints to the content of the series.

The big announcement as to when you can see Episode 1… possibly live… will be on the Facebook page and at very soon. Questions for us? Tweet us at @batgirlspoiled or leave a comment here! Please like, favorite and share. Let people know about our series!


Series created by Sax Carr and Marisha Ray

Directed by Damian Beurer
Director of Photography (Fight Sequence) – Gene Blalock
Director of Photography (Character Teases) – Joey Rassool
Movement Director / Stunt Choreographer – Paradox Pollack
Lead Makeup – Dawnielle Banks
Costume Coordinator – Tara Strand

Edited by Damian Beurer, Jordan Byrne, Joey Rassool

Score by Drew Krassowski

Produced by – Marisha Ray, Damian Beurer, Paradox Pollack, Jordan Byrne, Tara Strand, and Taliesin Jaffe

Executive Producer – Sax Carr

Line Producer – Zack S. West

Team “Keep Marisha Alive” – Matthew Mercer


Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) – Marisha Ray

Thugs – Jakob Bokulich (Jacklehammer), Paradox Pollack, Mario Rocha, Louie Lambie, Zack West, Aliou Amravanti, Eric Cash, Christopher Hicks, Jenn Wegner, Raven Hughes, Paul Duraso, Nathan Hurd

Oracle – Jessica Kent
Black Canary – Jennifer Newman
Commissioner Gordon – Chris Smith
Harley Quinn – Tara Strand
Poison Ivy – Meghan Ashley
Harvey Bullock – Rex Worth
Harvey Dent – Chris Elwood
Catwoman – Robin Sol
Batwoman – Sage Howard
The Question – Tara Platt
The Riddler – Taliesin Jaffe

Batgirl’s Costume constructed by Sharon McGunigle
Bat-Cowl by Shawn Reeves (
Designed for screen by Tara Strand, Damian Beurer, Marisha Ray, and Sax Carr
Additional Bat-Costume pieces by: Matthew Mercer

Special Thanks (and more) to:

Bridget McManus, Shayla Beesley, Matt Munson, Tallest Silver, Olivia Jordan, Morgan Wessler Donna Spangler, Victoria Schmidt, Adam D. Johnson, Regan Remy, April Wahlin, Chris Biggs, Bryan Q. Miller, and countless others…

“Batgirl: Spoiled” is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros.
“Batgirl: Spoiled” is a not-for-profit fan web-series and is not intended for sales of any sort.

For more information on Batgirl, please purchase trade paperbacks from DC comics available in your local comic book retailer or from (

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