Ben Affleck to Direct Justice League Movie? Lets Cast It (with help from Kevin Smith)!

Well that is some crazy news!

Word is that Warner Bros. has a script for the Justice League movie.  Word is also that the first and thus far only director who has looked at it is Ben Affleck.

Well, if Ben is directing it then there is a good chance he’s casting it too.  So lets look at who Ben Affleck would put into the possible roles of the film.

First step is first when casting a Ben Affleck movie — watch Kevin Smith’s latest movie.  Oh, too soon?  Listen to damn near any of Kevin’s podcasts and hear the story of the Red State screener.  Ben Affleck called up his buddy Kevin Smith and asked for a copy of his latest movie.  Kevin only had the reels and after much debate sent them over to his friend.  And waited.  And waited.  Sure, the movie was returned but what did his friend think of it?  It was unknown.  Until Ben Affleck started casting his latest movie, and used many of the same actors that were in Red State.  Sure, its good for the actors, and led to many well acted roles but at least give your friend a thank you!

With this story in mind, we cast Justice League off of the official cast for Red State and the rumored cast for Kevin Smith’s upcoming movie Hit Somebody.   For those characters who don’t have a natural choice within Red State we then move on to the rest of Kevin Smith’s works.

Marc Blucas

as Batman.

Matt Damon

as Superman.

Michael Angarano

as Green Lantern.

Kaylee DeFer

as Black Canary. 

Nicholas Braun

as the Flash.

Jim Norton

as Maxwell Lord.

Catherine McCord

as Wonder Woman.

Ralph Garman

as the voice of Martian Manhunter.

Michael Parks

as Lex Luthor.

John Goodman

as the voice of Darkseid.

Kevin Pollak 

as the voice of Brainiac. 

Jennifer Schwalbach Smith

as Lois Lane.

Rosario Dawson

as Harley Quinn.

Jason Mewes

as Aquaman.

Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran

as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

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