Stunners of the Day 5: Madison Rayne and Kenny King.

Yesterday we featured two of TNA’s current champions.  Today we feature their opponents at the TNA Hardcore Justice PPV.  Order it this very Sunday from your cable provider!

Madison is one of the most decorated women wrestlers today.  Three time Knockouts champion.  Two time Knockouts tag team champion.  Constantly ranked as one of the best in the world.  And with recent, um, changes in Impact Wrestling she is also one of the longest running stars of the division.  She manipulates and captivates and is always a threat to any woman’s title.

Kenny King has made a lot of news and not too many friends recently.  Is it worth it?  Well, he’s in a title match on a PPV, so its not all bad.  You got to give it up for his dedication though.  He should have won the second season of Tough Enough.  Oh yeah.  Remember him now?  Kenny is the only one still hanging and banging from that final four.  (Well, Jackie is obviously banging… Anyways.)  That is ten years now he’s been trying to get that shot, that chance.  Yes, his decisions were controversial.  But so far, they appear to have worked.

Also, he’s a Chippendale’s dancer.  Ladies, if you’re lucky maybe he’s a dancing bear too.

Lets see some pictures so you know who we’re talking about!








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