Godzilla: Half Century War #1 Review.

From IDW, James Stokoe, Heather Breckel.

Every Godzilla film tries to get us to care about the common people.  Some kid or family (or other) who is front and center during the events of a giant monster.  Far too often these characters become annoying and just get in the way of us seeing something destroying a major city.  Thankfully, Half Century War does not have this problem.

The story takes place in Tokyo in 1954.  We are witness to the events though the eyes of Lieutenant Ota Murakami.  He believes this to just be another day on a tank until that giant foot takes out a city block.  Everything about the story is captivating.  The scenes of destruction are richly detailed.  Its one of the best Godzilla interpretations I’ve ever seen on the page.  Even the text is brilliant.  Godzilla’s trademark roar is interpreted beautifully.

The Lieutenant and his fellow soldier, Kentaro Yoshihara are some of the bravest warriors in the history of comics.  They meet this freak of nature front and center.  While everything within them must scream to run away they hold true and try to stop the advance of the Kaiju.  Best of all, its only the first issue!

One issue in to this series and we have great humans, great monsters, and the promise of so so much more on this trip through the history and the battles of the world’s favorite nuclear created beast.

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