Stunners of the Day 7: AW and Sofia. ( Abraham Washington and Ivelisse.)

Well that would be their WWE names.  Both talents were released this week, and if you want to continue to follow them as fans look for @RealIvelisse and @AWPromotions.  Well, if AW gets his account back.  Its currently suspended.  Why would it be suspended?  Oh you know for things like this:

“If I smoked crack or did steroids I’d get suspended but I made a joke and tweeted support Linda and I get fired. #Doesn’tAddUp #Hmmmmm.”

“They didn’t do shit to Randy Orton when he called Kelly Kelly a slut, you see the double standard? F— politics. #AWForLife.”

“Im a HUGE Cena fan, but Cena made fat jokes w/ King, genitalia jokes n homo jokes. Orton bashes K2, Vince mocks JR! #F—UWWE”

“so stealing a car, having a yng girl trying to fuck 3 guys at once and not to mntion the Tensai thing is ok, but no jokes? #BS”

“So Vince can continually bash @JRsBBQ by teasing his ball palsy but yet your comments where deemed worse? Be a star my ass.”

“VINCE MCMAHON CAN SAY THE “N” WORD ON NATIONAL T.V. BUT @AWPromotions CAN’T TELL A JOKE………….whats wrong with this picture???” (Link to Segment )

WOW!  Well I guess we should take a look at the talent formerly known as Abraham Washington (and whatever name he shall have next).

Ivelisse is a different story.  Lots of good reports, lots of people were happy with her, and then BAM! she gets fired.  She seems dedicated, she kept improving, and she deserves to see some work for any other wrestling group that wants to showcase  her talents.  Hopefully the next chapter in her life works out better for her than this last one.

Take a look at Sofia/Ivelisse so you’ll know who to look out for!

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