Top 4 WWE Tag Teams That Never Won the Titles.

The WWE tag team titles have been around for a long time and under multiple names.  They have been held by such legendary teams as the 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannety.  Men on a Mission.  Rico and Rikishi.  And much much more.  But what about the incredibly talented and amazing teams that never reached that golden ring?  Lets pay tribute to three teams that never made it, and one that hopefully will.

4.  The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers.

No, not the Quebecers, but the team that came beforehand.  Jacques and Raymond Rougeau.  Originally brought into WWF as faces, they soon turned into heels and lived off of part of the Hart Foundation’s money.  They loved America. No, really.  Any day now they will be relocating to Memphis, Tennessee.

3.  The Powers of Pain

I love big brawling ass kicking tag teams.  Road Warriors, Demoltion, Powers of Pain… I’m sensing a gimmick pattern here.  Sure Warlord and Barbarian may not be the greatest team ever.  But they were over.  Huge guys, face paint and they looked like monsters out there.  They are part of one of the most well known double turns in wrestling history.  Imagine how much more historic it would have been with a title change!

2.  The Rockers

The Rockers just should have won the belts.  Multiple times.  Sure, there was that one match.  The one with the broken ring rope.  I really do believe that WWE should reverse the decision of that match and retroactively award the Rockers with one tag team title reign.

1.  Reks and Hawkins

You’re damn right!  Who are the tag team champions now?  Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.  But you had to think about it didn’t you?!  The Prime Time Players are doing well now that they have a manager.  Hmmm?  What happened?  Oh….  So how about Epico and Primo?  You know, two guys that held the title for a long period of time but damn if I can remember either one ever cutting a promo or getting any character development time.  But Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins were stars of NXT and now they are the stars of the tag team division.  A great look, a huge online following, and one of the few true tag teams still in existence today.  Give ’em the straps!




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