Winter City #1-3 Review.

From Winter City Productions, Carl and Patrick Purcell, Pablo Verdugo Munoz and David Aravena Riquelme.

The crew at Winter City Productions were nice enough to send me the first three issues of their comic for review.  Thankfully they did send three, because the comic gets better with every issue.

Lets get it out of the way from the start.  Yes, you will think of Spawn while reading this title.  That feeling goes away by the second issue and the comic book stands as its own beast.

Speaking of beast, look at the Reaper.  The Reaper is the main character of the story and when this mystery unfolds more I’ll know whether to call the Reaper hero or villain.

The Reaper is killing off wealthy men with secrets.  What are those secrets?  Keep reading all 12 issues to find out.  Two detectives are trying to get to the bottom of these murders.  Throughout the story we are treated to flashbacks featuring a young child named Sam who is most likely the young Reaper but there’s no knowing for sure.

The best thing these creators did was decide that Winter City would be a 12 issue series.  The writing, the art, the flow of the tale, all of it improves with each and every issue.  There are moments of great terror, both physical and mental.  Sure the Reaper is one of the more violent characters I’ve ever see on the page (and that includes the 90s!).  But these sepia drenched flashback scenes are the things of nightmares and lengthy therapy sessions.

The art has a fantastic kinetic energy to it.  There is an undeniable feel of energy and excitement flowing through every drop of ink.  Once the art opens up and discovers its true style it is unlike any other book you’re reading.  McFarlane, manga, Batman, Doctor Strange, horror, crime and I’m sure there are more that I’m missing.  By issue 4 or 5 there will be even more improvement.  By issue 12 this team may just be unstoppable.

Drop any attitude and misconceptions, pick up Winter City and instantly become a fan.  I did!


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