Avengers vs. X-Men #10 Review.

From Marvel Comics, Ed Brubaker, Adam Kubert, John Dell.

With only two issues to go after this one, and an obvious (non) reboot coming at the end of it, every single remaining issue must be read with the thoughts of how this will result in the universe being remade.  Well, there are power levels higher than your average episode of DragonBall Z inside here.

Cyclops and Emma Frost are the only two remaining members of the Phoenix Force, and their powers have increased as such.  The increasing powers continue to corrupt both of these demi gods.  Even Magneto, who has been hero and villain enough times himself, also sees the dangers to come.

The issue is about seeing what’s coming.  Iron Man and Beast try to predict the future.  Scarlet Witch goes through the possibilities.  Magneto and Professor X both see all of their work coming undone.  Even the Watcher gets in on this.  It is the Watcher’s presence, along with other appearances in this issue, that hint this huge title is about to get even bigger.  Cosmic even.

The Watcher, the Scarlet Witch, the Phoenix Force, Shao Lao and finally Hope.  All of our familiar characters are out gunned at this point.  Captain America will not be standing up to Cyclops like he stood up to Thanos.  And if he did, it will also result in his death.

Hope shows the true level of her powers in this issue and it is astonishing.  Hope has always been called the future and the savior of the mutant race.  However no one thought she would have to save it from fellow mutants.  Scott Summers found and trained the one mutant on Earth who can stop him.  The Phoenix Five will ultimately be defeated by irony.

The title keeps getting bigger and bigger and whatever happens in the last two issues to reset the Marvel Universe will have been earned.  This (non) reboot is getting set up better than Flashpoint and Zero Hour.  Two more months and we’ll see how it stacks up against Crisis on Infinite Earths.



The extra Marvel Infinite part of the title:  by Mark Waid, Yves Bigrel, Reilly Brown.


A great side story in here and I’ll be very curious to see how or if it is contained in the eventual graphic novels.  I’m also curious if Fox News has been made aware that the lesson of this Infinite story is that the future of humanity resides in Hope.  “Its pro Obama!  Marvel and Disney are trying to say that only through Obama’s Hope message can we be saved!”  It could be Bain/Bane all over again.  And with just as much legitimacy.

That being said, no one is doing digital better than Mark Waid.  There were panels in this that I thought were actually animated.  The time, the panel experiments, the pace of it all comes together into this new medium that’s in between comics and animation.  Its amazing new work that is only going to improve over the years.

Its also a pretty nice story.  Iron Man and Beast hook up Wanda to a machine and try to figure out how to win the battle.  Its the Marvel Universe’s most expensive edition of Choose Your Own Adventure.  If you’re picking up Avengers vs X-Men anyways, it is well worth it to grab this infinite add on for your digital device of choice.

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