Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 Review.

From Marvel Comics, Cullen Bunn, Dalibor Talajic.

The sleeper slasher hit continues.  The series is set for second printings so if you can find one of these first ones, latch on to it.

In this issue Deadpool takes out the X-Men and its genius.  Every death, every trap is well thought out.  Sure, you could come up with some reason why your favorite hero would avoid and escape death.  But that’s the regular Marvel Universe version of that hero.  Who knows what this alternate world has done to change the powers and abilities of your iconic heroes and villains.  Deadpool has certainly done enough to change them.

There are a lot of big ideas partnered up with small deaths.  The point is not to see the bodies, the point is to see just how crazy and yet all too sane Deadpool has become.  Some words will rattle in your brain for weeks after reading this issue.  Arcade, blowtorches, fourth wall.  Please do not think its just a blood and guts comic.  Sure that can be found inside.  But the nature of how comics work is being explored here to jaw dropping levels.

Even the Taskmaster, brought into this mess in the last issue, seems to know more than he lets on.  Every time one of the super beings dies a part of him “dies” with it.  Taskmaster is the reader, the fan, the unspoken thoughts of those of us who hold these books.  That hooded skull is about to hold a mirror up to how we think of comic books and we may not like what it exposes.

The ending promises a lot.  Next issue’s teased cover will definitely make our best of the week list.  If Deadpool is travelling to where Taskmaster suspects the possibilities are limitless.   I for one would enjoy seeing a Deadpool Kills the Marvel Zombies line of books.

Also, the Beast skin rug NEEDS to be offered up next April Fool’s Day by Think Geek.

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