The Amazing Spider-Man #691 Review.

From Marvel Comics, Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Mario del Pennino, Klaus Janson, Daniel Green, Frank D’Armata, Chris Eliopoulos.

Alright I’ll admit it.  I am months if not years behind on the Spider-Man titles and the only reason I read this one today is because TNA Impact Wrestling star Christopher Daniels sent out a Tweet saying that he and his tag team partner Frankie Kazarian are in this issue.  Well they are.  On the letters page.  So my whole reason to read the issue had nothing to do with anything that took place within the issue.  That being explained, how was it?

Its actually a damn good book.  Sure there are plenty of things in Peter Parker’s life that become overly complicated.  But as an experienced comic reader, we learn how to fill in the gaps and still enjoy the story.  Peter has a new job in a lab.  His co-workers of course don’t realize that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same person and thus many of his actions seem strange and at times insensitive.  Classic Spidey character development  but in an all new and thus fresh setting.

Speaking of fresh, what a fresh take on the Lizard!  I try to limit what reviews have full spoilers in them.  Anyone who has read the Lizard in a tale before knows that the inner thoughts can be either Curt Connors or the Lizard.  Which side is thinking which thought is a great new take on this classic villain.  I’m ready to read a full year at least of Lizard stories after this issue.  I want to see where the character goes.  When has anyone said that about the Lizard?  How often does anyone say that about any super villain?

Spider-Man does what he has to do in this issue in order to protect the innocent, but there appear to be more shades of grey in his logic than I recall reading in the past.  Whether it be the Kingpin, the Hobgoblin or even this new Madame Web — someone is going to force Peter into a corner and only one of the toughest decisions of his life will get him out of it.   Hmmm… maybe in time for issue 700?

So I picked up an issue of a series I haven’t read in a while.  The familiar characters were still very familiar, yet with new takes on their tales.  The unfamiliar cast didn’t stop me for a minute, as everyone was given enough natural exposition so I could follow the story without being hindered by previous issues.  Seriously people its not that hard to pick up a comic book with a high number and enjoy it!

If the stories continue to be this good, I’m going to have to go through some back issues and stick around until at least the dramatic 700th issue.

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