The Walking Dead #101 Review (with SPOILERS).

When we discuss the Walking Dead here, we discuss it with spoilers.  Its too big a story to dance around the plot and to try to not reveal anything.  So if you’re going to continue to read this, you’re going to learn some things about this week’s newest issue.


From Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, Rus Wooton, Sina Grace.


After the dramatic and heart breaking events of issue 100 we all anxiously waited to see what would the next chapter would hold.  Would more people die?  Is there any death that could have the punch in the face impact that last issue’s death held?  Its time to crack open today’s comic and find out.

The issue opens with our gang on their knees, defeated, and with Glenn’s body before them.  Maggie cracks and opens up on Rick’s face. The love of her life has been murdered in front of her and she has to unleash all of this anger.  Rick takes it because deep down he does feel that he deserves it.  As leader one of his men died, and any time that happens it is ultimately his fault.  Worst of all this wasn’t the death of a soldier, this was the death of his right hand man.  Bad pun?

Carl and Sophia have their own stand off, showing that there are no children in the world of the Walking Dead.  Carl pulls out his gun without a second thought in order to protect his father.  Sophia responds with what she has been shown time and time again in this zombie infested world to be the most dangerous weapon — her teeth.  We don’t yet know all of the rules in this zombie world and I’ll be interested to see if a bite from the living can have any effect.

Rick and crew head back to the Hilltop.  They bury Glenn, but most of all they need to figure out what to do next.  Jesus joins them to head back to the Community where they will come up with a plan.  Well, what’s left of the Community.  In one of the scariest scenes in the history of the comic the gates to their sanctuary look to be destroyed.  Bodies are everywhere.  Destruction is piled atop more devastation.  Could anyone still be alive?

Thankfully for the fans, this attack was thwarted at the gate.  Everyone inside is still safe and we still have a cast.  Most of all Andrea is still alive, because we damn sure all suspected that.  She has a surprise for Rick too, a prisoner of war.

Where will the tale possibly go next?  More people have to die in order for Negan to be confirmed as a threat.  Yes, he has already done a lot of damage but there will damn sure be more.  I wont be shocked if this POW is about to feed Rick and crew nothing but false information.  Just to set him up for the next tragedy.

To go far out there as I like to do in the predictions, lets look at the fact that the Community is still there.  Yes, maybe Negan attacked Rick’s van and maybe he did focus his attack there.  One major death may effect morale more than many smaller deaths.  However, we don’t know for sure what happened during the Community attack.  What if Negan’s people struck a deal with those who were in the Community?  Maybe they only lived because they have agreed to take Rick down.  Imagine the dropped jaws across the world if Andrea turns on Rick.  It is certainly possible.  The continuing story is about survival.  Sure she and Rick have been through a lot.  But is that connection enough to sacrifice her own life for Rick’s?

Your crazy prediction for the future of the Walking Dead is that the Community has already turned against Rick and all will be revealed once the pieces are in place.

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