Top 4 Things Actresses Have Done to Get Fired.

Inspired by current events, which you will see on the list.  This is the top four things actresses have done to be fired from a role.  As publicly documented.

4.   Lindsay Lohan blows it.

Lindsay was set to star as Linda Lovelace in the bio pic Inferno.  However, the studio felt that if filming begun and Lindsay had another one of her much publicized problems production on the movie would have to stop, and she was just not worth the financial risk.  Lindsay claimed she quit.  While in rehab.  Because the first of the 12 steps is to make phone calls regarding work.  Let this sink in.  Lindsay was considered to be too much of an alcoholic and drug addict (allegedly) to play a porn star.


3.  Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete for being “ghetto”.

Months after Leah and Holly were fired from The Talk, Leah finally revealed on Twitter why they were fired.

Sharon thought me and Holly were “Ghetto”, (her words) we were not funny, awkward and didn’t know ourselves

Sharon Osbourne responded that some people don’t know themselves.  She went on to say that Leah needs to move on and be professional.   Whether Sharon was the one to say “ghetto” or not, chances are someone did and that word will stick in her head for years.


2.  Megan Fox learns that Hitler jokes aren’t funny.

Megan Fox compared her Transformers director Michael Bay to Hitler.  Bay had no problem with this.  However, those movies are executive produced by Steven Spielberg.  Schindler’s List Spielberg.  Yeah, he had a problem with those words and thus that is why you didn’t see Fox in Transformers 3.


1.  Kristen Stewart fucks her director.

Kristen has now been fired from the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman.  All because she started boning her director.  This affair has repercussions in the billions.  Yes, billions.  The first Snow White movie has already made 300 million domestic, and while she wasn’t as large a part of the movie as one would have believed before seeing it, she still carries a fan base.  The last Twilight movie comes out in a couple months and she has to do all of the press alongside her devastated ex.  And be asked questions about it in each and every interview.  Some will see her as the “trampire” and may keep themselves and their money at home.

Yes men cheat too.  Yes men do stupid things.  And if R-Patz there had done the same thing I would hope everyone would be up his ass as well.


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