The League XXVI: Mix Tape.


We have a new question for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!

What songs were forever being looped on your car’s stereo back in high school. A cassette could only hold a dozen or so songs, so that’s the magic number of songs to list. If your car didn’t have a cassette deck in high school, go ahead and pretend it did, you punk.

If you want to get in on great pop culture questions like this, and you have a blog, head on over to find out more:

Anyways, to answer this week’s question.


My high school years spanned from 1992 to 1996.  The end of hair metal and the beginning of grunge.  Then, among it all, was the discovery.  The discovery that would change my cassette buying habits.  My magazine buying as well.  Those old records now meant something.  One discovery led to the mix tape and led to me being the first in school to discover new bands or introduce the classics.  For one night I couldn’t sleep, and there was Headbangers Ball.

You might forget all that Headbangers Ball did.  Back when MTV played videos, they still played a lot of the same videos over and over again.  Not on the Ball.  Rock and metal and thrash and all of this amazing music.  Great, your classmates just discovered Black Hole Sun.  Not only did you buy Soundgarden months ago but as a fan of Headbangers Ball you’ve also moved on and are cranking Rusty Cage and Outshined and Temple of the Dog.  Screw the black album, I’m too busy with …And Justice for All.

We climb into a beat up car.  Mix tape cassettes and Metal Edge magazines over flow in denim book bags with patches covering every inch.  Keep your top 40.  We’re going to sound like Armageddon coming down the street.

Brian says that 12 songs are the perfect amount for a mix tape.  Lets pick 12 songs I discovered and blasted thanks to Headbangers Ball.















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