#HashtagHorror Hellraiser

TheSupremeForce #HashtagHorror Am I too late? Did I miss the movie?

BrooklynBrawlanow i want some jack in the box. #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Ouch.

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Well, I was hungry a moment ago. That has largely passed.

BrooklynBrawla let’s see more of them polaroids! #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Where did that ground hog disappear to?

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Are there goblins in this movie? I’m having horrible flashbacks already.


TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror This movie also needs a… dog. Badly.

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Is this movie over yet?

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror This is causing unnecessary stress to the household rats.

BrooklynBrawla this was groundbreaking back in da day… back when people didn’t know they were making shitty movies. #HashtagHorror


BrooklynBrawla say what you will about da acting, but these people know how to dress.  #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror That guy was blind until that afternoon.

BrooklynBrawla this movie is da myspace of social networking. #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla my last tweet meant to say “it’s da myspace of movies”. this movie is so bad it made me stupid. jim dugan stupid. #HashtagHorror


RuthlessRyan84 Weird dude with no skin #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Angry Birds!

RuthlessRyan84 Sinister ginger bitch #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla why put on clothes when you’re all drippy? #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Everyone could do better than her.

BrooklynBrawla i would rather watch toutman try to pick popcorn out of his teeth than watch this movie. #HashtagHorror

RuthlessRyan84 That fucker got GOT #HashtagHorror

RuthlessRyan84 This inquisitive tramp is pretty hot #HashtagHorror

RuthlessRyan84 Go in Frank,fuck her #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Why is he drinking that guy through a straw? Also, where was the second mouth?

RuthlessRyan84 “Kirsty,come to daddy” #HashtagHorror

RuthlessRyan84 Silly bitch,bitches always ruin everything #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror She’s the standard for stupid horror movie bimbos.

BrooklynBrawla oh clive barker. you got a beating coming. #HashtagHorror

RuthlessRyan84 Oh look it’s Gillian Hall #HashtagHorror

RuthlessRyan84 This movie is quite shit #HashtagHorror


RuthlessRyan84 Is Frank now that girls father in disguise? #HashtagHorror


TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror Saved by a stroke of idiocy?

RuthlessRyan84 Hellraiser? More like shit stinker! #HashtagHorror

BrooklynBrawla and you wonder why no one wanted to watch this… #HashtagHorror

TheSupremeForce#HashtagHorror About that ground hog…

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