Top 4 Worst Actors Brought Into Wrestling.

Many wrestling bookers believe that wrestling is the great male soap opera.  As part of that soap opera crazy stories are written and actors are brought in to fill those roles.  Actors without any wrestling experience.  Hell, most of them don’t even have any love or knowledge of wrestling.  Yet they come in, play their parts, and many times do a horrible job.

You doubt the horrible jobs?  Name one actor or actresses who used an appearance on any wrestling show as a stepping stone to an Emmy, Oscar or Tony.  That’s what I thought.  On with the bad acting!

4. Arli$$ (WCW)

Yes, the character of Arli$$ appears on an old episode of WCW Monday Night Nitro.  WrestleCrap has already done a far better write up on this travesty than I can pull off.

3.  Claire Lynch (TNA)

The clear front runner for worst TV storyline of the year.  Someone would have to screw up HUGE in order to top this.  She cant act, she knows nothing of wrestling, she’s not even trying.   Worst of all the actress got upset when people wanted to find out her true identity.  Let me clarify this.  This woman woke up one day and decided to be an actress.  She wanted to spend her life appearing on camera in front of millions of people.  Then she became upset when the internet wrestling community wanted to know more about her. Like her name, and other acting experiences.  If you don’t want people to want to know more about you, here’s a hint, don’t appear on a worldwide broadcast TV show!

2.  Al Wilson

Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie were having a huge Divas feud over who was the least talented woman taking precious TV time away from talented women wrestlers.   Thankfully they were both incredibly hot and this was played up throughout the angle.  Then it got a lot hotter, when a senior citizen was introduced.  Her actual, real life, real world father.  Torrie then achieved that dream that we all have, watching a parent make out with someone younger than yourself on national TV.  Al “died” on TV and then his daughter was lucky enough to fight at his funeral.  One of wrestling’s most inappropriate stories yet one of the most memorable as well.

1. David Arquette

Otherwise known as the worst wrestling related decision of my life.  I almost went to this show, as it was only an hour away from me.  But that day I thought, no.  Nothing of note could possibly happen in Syracuse tonight.  Then Courtney Cox’s husband won what was one of the most important wrestling titles on Earth.  He couldn’t even act his way through a WCW script.

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