Rob Liefeld Brings Bloodstrike to Film. Might Make Money. Wont Make Sense.


It was recently announced that the “classic” book from Extreme Studios and Image Comics, Bloodstrike, will be coming to screens around the world.  The film was just picked up by Adi Shankar’s 1984 Private Defense Contractors.

It is a new take on the Bloodstrike idea.  Really, they’re buying a name.  From the Variety article:

Liefeld’s new angle, aimed at creating a franchise appeal, focuses on a Bloodstrike unit consisting of a team of super-soldiers who have secretly been imbued with vampire blood — making them an elite strike force feared by all enemies.


Lets try to explain Bloodstrike:

The original team came out in 1993.  The usual super powered assassin team that was so hot and extreme at the time.  There was the government conspiracy and many characters looked like Cable, Wolverine and Deadpool.  The Bloodstrike team was comprised of dead characters brought back to life by Project Born Again.  No vampires here.

If anyone knows of a Bloodstrike fan site that gives great detail on these characters, please let me know, because information is lacking.  The team is led by Cabot – who might have powers or something, we don’t know.  He is joined by Fourplay – who has four arms, Shogun – who has armor, Deadlock – who has Wolverine’s mask with Deadpool’s colors, and Tag.  Now Tag is actually interesting.  Tag can freeze people by touching them.  Should the intellectual properties of Extreme Studios ever be put up for sale, this is your sleeper hit character.

Again, no vampires.

Bloodstrike has many battles and betrayals and plot twists everyone sees coming, and random events that must have happened because Rob said, OH COOL! and any reasons or character motivation were left out.  I say all of this with an older mind, but every single issue of Bloodstrike is in fact bagged and boarded in the next room.  So who am I to judge?

Bloodstrike then had a mystery 25th issue come out, right after issue 10.  It told a tale of tomorrow featuring not a team but one man called Bloodstrike.  The next 14 issues in between 10 and 25 were to tell us how this happened.  Then Bloodstrike was cancelled with issue 22.

Possibly by vampires.

I kid.  It really was perfect for those of us of a certain age in the 90s.  It was our Biff Bam Pow and should this movie actually get made I will be first in line.

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