The League XXVII: Saturday Mornings.


Its another edition of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!  Every week the League answers one question.  We share our answers across this web of connected geek and pop culture blogs.  Friendships are made, debates are had, and fun reigns supreme.

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So what will the League be answering this week?

You’ve been hired to program the ultimate Saturday morning experience for kids across the nation–create your own ideal Saturday morning cartoon schedule. 


Well its time to get creative with the answers yet again.  While I do love cartoons, and many of them will be represented here, I’m ignoring the part of the sentence after the dash.  This will be an ultimate Saturday morning experience.  That is more than just cartoons.  Although cartoons will be a part of it.  No, this list will go from Saturday mornings all the way into the afternoon.  Hey, there isn’t any school on Sundays.  Maybe we’ll go right into Saturday evening.

I grew up with some great Saturday cartoons, and some horrible ones as well.  But thanks to the programming out of WPIX, WNYW, WWOR and early USA Network (give or take 25 years ago) other great shows were a part of my Saturdays and need to be represented as well.  Cartoons, movies, action, and of course, wrestling.

Now there is still a LOT I didn’t include on here.  No space for Star Trek, BSG, Whedon-verse and more.  But hey there are 6 other days in the week.  Next week’s League assignment – schedule the rest of the week!  But seriously.

The theme that you will see on here is a rotating roster of shows.  There is a spot for a brand, but what plays in that spot can vary from week to week if need be.  Hell, if a new show gets put into here (like say, GI Joe Renegades to pick one at random) and it doesn’t work out there’s no commitment to play that show for weeks or months longer.  Just slide something else in there under the umbrella.

Also, I fully expect lots of commercials for toys, sugary food, and fast food joints.

7-8 Wonderful World of Disney

And what a wonderful world it is.  Your first of many rotating spots.  This is the perfect spot for anything from classic Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons, or Davy Crockett or even Ducktales.  If it came from the House of Mouse you can expect to find it here.

8-9 The Warner Bros Water Tower

The opening of the show would present the iconic water tower as a library of film.  Bugs Bunny, Road Runner or maybe even the Animaniacs.

9-11  IDW Presents the Hasbro Hours.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Jem, GI Joe and Transformers.  Maybe even some Godzilla and MASK.  Expect all the variations of GI Joe and Transformers to play during the lifetime of this scheduling block.   Two hours worth of some of your favorite cartoons and all of it sponsored by IDW comics.  Which means those classic GI Joe comic commercials, but for the current titles.  Maybe even some interviews with creators of comic books.

11-12  The Swords and Sandals hour:  He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats, Thundarr, Dungeons and Dragons, TMNT.

If someone swings a sword, they’ll be showing up within this hour.  Yes, the TMNT addition is kind of a stretch, but not as far as one would think.  Play one show all the way through, then cycle in another.  I’d like to see the new versions of Masters of the Universe, Thundercats and TMNT.

12-1 the DC Comics Hour

Superfriends, Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, Adam West Batman, even the shorts that are currently running on DC Nation.  Also, with one of the writers or artists from DC Comics as a host during commercial breaks.

1-2 The Marvel Comics Hour

Take your pick of Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, Super Hero Squad and I’ll even throw in that Hulk series if you like.  Save time for Captain America to throw his mighty shield.  Once again, hosted by someone with Marvel Comics.  Because AVX needs more publicity.

2-3 Hanna Barbera Express

Much like the old USA Cartoon Express.  Lets play some Space Ghost, some Yogi Bear, some Clue Club and anything else those cats (ohhh Top Cat!) came up with.

3-4 American Gladiators

Yeah.  Damn straight I want this back on the air.  Between the classic series, the 2000s reboot, and the international editions this could run for years before any need to create new content.  However, if anyone would like to buy up the license and film new episodes I would be all for it.

4-6 AJ’s Anime Show

Hosted by WWE Diva and current Raw General Manager, AJ Lee.  Men, women and children love her.  She is the rare attractive woman who is a true geek.  Each and every week AJ picks her favorite anime movie (or throw together a few episodes of a series and make a “movie” out of it).  AJ as host can skip around conventions, comic books stores or during sweeps week take us on a trip to Japan.

6-7 WWE Superstars

Not the current online show, but the classic 1980s version.  Squash matches that establish characters, big angles that hype up a PPV and a main event match that builds up both men into stars.  Plus, the “live in studio” interviews to hype up the house show in your area.

7-8 Pro Wrestling Illustrated presents the World of Wrestling

There is a LOT more than just WWE in the wrestling world.  PWI magazine would sponsor this show spotlighting some of the other promotions.  Every week a match from Ring of Honor, 2CW, CHIKARA, PWG, Dragon Gate, and even into Japan or Mexico.  Showcase the independent promotions around the country.  Speaking of the “live in studio” interviews, list all of the live events taking place that weekend.  Maybe you missed the poster on the telephone pole, but you wont miss it when your favorite Saturday morning show announces the big card just down the street.

8-9 Nerdist Basement

For a couple years we geeks had a perfect show.  One place that told us everything we needed to know in our nerd world with hosts that we loved.  That show was Attack of the Show.  Sure its still on, but its not what it was.  This show would be live from Chris Hardwick’s basement.  Friends come in and out and while they’re hanging out on the couch they tell us all about cool things going on now in the world of geek.  Regular friends would be Alison Haislip, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira, Blair Butler, Weird Al, Neil De Grasse Tyson and more.  One hour to tell us about comics, movies, video games, shows, and more.  All with that underground feel that fools the viewer into thinking we’re all friends.

9-10 Monster Hour  (Real Ghostbusters, Scooby Doo, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits)

If there is a chance the show will give a kid nightmares, then it will air here.  10PM is probably a good time for the actual children (not kids at heart) to go to bed, even on a non school night.  Why not give them a safe scare to put them to sleep?  Sam Hain can be creepy, but not enough to lose sleep over.

10-12 Elvira

And here is why we just put those kids to bed.  The early teens and up will still love this though.  Your one stop for education on classic public domain schlock, double entendres and of course boobs.

12-2 Aint it Cool Theater with Harry Knowles

Any of you who have been watching the Aint It Cool YouTube show on the Nerdist network knows how captivating Harry can be.  He shares his love of film and all the genre stuff, but he educates us at every step.  Learn about the movie, about other movies, find all of the cool stuff in the background, have special guests on.  Every week I look forward to the show and that’s at only 15 minutes.  Two hours plus a great movie?  Grab a soda and some popcorn!

2-6 two episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000

Because you have to.  If you’re up at 2AM then you’re in the mood for this kind of humor.  Plus, it really is a wonderful show to fall asleep to.  Broken up into segments and the plot of the movie is not the focus of the show.  I’d still set the DVR just in case.



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