Grim Leaper #4 Advanced Review.

From Image Comics, Kurtis Wiebe, Aluisio Santos.

Damn you Kurtis.  Damn you to hell!

I am less than two months away from getting married.  The most stressful one day event of any lifetime.  To plan something for over 100 people while working one job, freelancing on here, plus all the other day to day responsibilities we all have I am permanently on an emotional edge.  Then Wiebe and Santos come along with the most grotesque and yet beautiful love story I have ever read.  Don’t look at me!  I’m just watering my eyes so they can…um… grow.  Yeah, that’s it.

Grim Leaper is a deceptively simple story of two people finding love despite and through constant death.  Its another chance to get things right. And another.  And another.  Any man or woman who has been in a good healthy adult relationship knows this feeling.  The overwhelming connection that screams “I will come back to you”.   These lovers aren’t separated by the changes of life, but by the events of death.  Through all of that pain and terror one thing cannot be killed, the all to rare genuine love.

While it sounds like an easy pitch for another media, Grim Leaper pushes the images in ways only comic books can.  The deaths are the most elaborate and disgusting ends seen in comics this year that didn’t involve a bat.  However, its not only the deaths that get crazy – the rebirth is absolutely surreal.  There is much implied in every detail of the after death panels.  If you’re a wait for trade kind of reader start the book over after finishing this final issue.  There is a wealth of detail that the reader misses during the initial reading.  Even simple things like a scarf become larger components to the story.

Find out why Kurtis Wiebe is becoming the most talked about writer in all of comics.  More importantly, buy this comic for the one you love.  Explain to him or her that this is the degree of your relationship.  Through pain and death you will always be there for each other.  Also, you’ll both always be there for the next work from your new favorite writer.

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