KRUH-KOOM! Today’s Greatest Comic Book Covers Revealed 8/29/12.a

This week’s comic book sound effect comes from Catwoman #12.

Every week we find comic book covers on the Zeus Comics website.  Zeus is one of the best comic book stores in the country, and don’t forget that the Variants season three is about to begin.

Speaking of great comic book stores, my non comic book reading father went into Third Eye Comics recently and he called to tell me it was one of the best shopping experiences he’s ever had.  My dad is not well versed in comics, but he walked into this shop and Steve helped him out immensely.  Thanks Steve and thanks Third Eye!


Lets get this comic party started!


Aquaman #12

Make Black Manta look bad ass you say?  Impossible you say?  Well feast your eyes on this one!


Axe Cop: President of the World #2

I don’t even know where to begin.  Its like I watched Godzilla movies while at the zoo and getting high.


Captain Marvel #3

Sure, she’s wearing more clothes than before but that doesn’t mean Carol Danvers isn’t still a bombshell.  Thank you!  I’ll be here all week.


Debris #2

Oh you don’t even know.  One of the coolest concepts in all of comic books today.

Check out the advanced review:

FF #21

I accuse you… of wanting my body!


Flash Annual #1

New, old, modern or golden.  In any time line the Rogues rule.


Gambit #2

Man I really hated the first issue, which you can discover for yourself at the link below.  But this is a pretty sexy and interesting cover.

Justice League #12

Yes, we’ve all seen the cover by now.  Yes, most of us have our opinions on this set in stone.  All of that means that this cover is by far accomplishing that thing all covers should do.  It got attention.


National Comics Looker #1

Looker?!  Not at all who I expected to have the next National Comics spotlight which is why I have to buy this.  For this to come out I can only assume it means something very cool is just behind this cover.


Phantom Lady #1

Fully clothed female heroes are the trend of 2012.  Sure, that zipper is still a problem.  But she looks sexy and strong and ready for cooler fall weather.


Red Sonja #68

This is one of the most incredible uses of color I’ve ever seen.  The blue, the red, the yellow and more.  What an excellent eye for design.



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