Top 4 of Smackdown 8/31/12

Was not a bad night for wrestling and unfortunately I could not put every match on the list, nor could I put every segment (kudos to Vickie Guerrero though). I left off Sheamus and Sandow, Rhodes and Mysterio, and way too much time in recaps. However, on the bright side, there were long matches on this episode of Smackdown than there was last week. We tipped it at 28:07, which is about 8 minutes longer than last week. If the 14:55 of recaps had been cut down a bit more (yes, the Anger Management segments were hilarious, but were they necessary in full again?) we could have used it for segment time, or matches. Yes, I’m still hoping those recaps can get cut down more.

4. Prime Time Players vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

Any time Tyson Kidd gets on television is a good time, even if it’s against Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. Kidd and Gabriel are going to be the underdogs in the tag team division, and underdog in the literal sense of the word. They will be used, because they are a tag team, but you know they aren’t getting a title shot. What proved it further is that DURING THE MATCH they showed a Tout from the Usos. Seriously? There is wrestling going on, there is an 88 minute show airing, and you couldn’t find any other time but during the action to show this Tout? For shame, WWE, for not recognizing the talent of Kidd and Gabriel, or recognizing it to put over someone else. Still a decent match for the 3 minutes it was allotted.

3. Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

The women bring their A game to the ring. Natalya continues to talk smack in the ring, a favorite of mine, and Kaitlyn even goes so far as to cover her mouth at one point so as not to hear it. There is excellent story telling here as Natalya believes Kaitlyn’s win is a “fluke” and she doesn’t really have what it takes. Kaitlyn proves she’s not just a pretty face and excellent thighs when she wins the match. It may have been just under three minutes, but the women put their all into it and Eve acknowledges that the diva’s division needs that boost as she chats with Mathews and Cole on commentary.

2. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kane

First, incredible match. Second, Mathews gets his butt kicked, again, by Kane. I mean, this is almost a dream match for me. If Scott Stanford had been commentating it, worrying about his co-commentator, I’d have been in heaven. Del Rio and Kane put on a good show and even though it was shorter than the divas match it still told the story of Del Rio and Kane both having anger issues in different ways. Thank goodness Kane has Mathews, who knows who might have been hurt otherwise.

1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

Oh hi possible match of the week. I was getting worried about Orton since his suspension because he just hadn’t come back with the same… oomph… he had before. Maybe it’s Ziggler, maybe it gave Orton a bigger reason to try harder, I’m not sure, but this was the Orton I liked to cheer for. Though it’s harder to cheer for him against Ziggler, I mean, he’s Ziggler. So while I couldn’t make up my mind which guy I was actually screaming for they put on a great show in the ring.

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