Brrriiing! Today’s Greatest Comic Book Covers Revealed! 9/5/12.

This week’s sound effect is brought to you by the start of the new school year.


Each and every week we post the most stand out covers from the “New This Week” section of your favorite local comic book store.  Our good friends at Zeus Comics are always nice enough to let us use their covers.  Head over to the site and maybe order some books too!

Lets get this comic party started!


Archer and Armstrong #2

Coming this fall to the CW!  Oh, wrong arrows.


Army of Darkness #5

The chainsaw!  Its on the…!  HAHAHAHA!


Boys #70

An incredible use of white space.


Executive Assistant Assassins #3  (Alex Konat cover).

So innocent and so deadly.  Aspen always strikes the perfect balance.


Fairest #7

This might be the most disturbing comic cover I’ve seen since starting this column.  And I’ve seen lots of covers for Crossed.  Still gorgeous in its horror.


Garfield #5

I would damn sure watch a cartoon of this every week.  Reminds me of the Archie heroes.


Grimm Fairy Tales #77 (Sean Chen cover).

Yes it is a tribute to the classic Amazing Spider-Man cover, but the orange jumpsuit really adds to it.  I need to start reading more Grimm.  Every month their covers spark my curiosity.


Mind the Gap #4

What the hell is this?!  I am aware of Mind the Gap but apparently not aware enough.  What an awesome looking cover, and its very obvious what story is implied.  Yet there must be some incredible twist to inspire this piece of art.  Looks like I have a new book to catch up on.


Phantom Stranger #0

I am not a fan of any of the 0 issue covers but this one is different.  Its the first Phantom Stranger title from the New 52.  He’s not breaking through a recent comic book cover, but a classic one.  Is the Stranger connected to the previous version of the DC Universe?  This cover has turned the issue into a must buy.


Savage Dragon #181

Holy crap!  The use of black, grey and white then that tiny bit of green.  One of the best Erik Larsen covers I have ever seen.  Amazing use of colors.


X-Factor #243

And we suddenly have a battle over the best use of green on a comic book cover this week.  Great way to integrate Havoc’s powers into the geometry of this cover.


Back Issue #59


Space Ghost!!!!  Its a gorgeous Space Ghost cover!  In 2012!  I really need to add this magazine to my pull list.


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