Executive Assistant Assassins #3 from Aspen Comics Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Jordan Gunderson, Charlie Mok, Teodoro Gonzalez, Josh Reed.

This story is never predictable.

Mr and Mrs Hellions are currently in a Joss Whedon marathon.  As such I cant help but draw comparisons between our recent viewings of Dollhouse and Firefly with the Executive Assistant Assassins series.  Incredibly rich and strong female characters of course.  The biggest draw is the incredible plot twists.  Heel turns, deaths, reveals galore.  Every single one of them makes sense yet completely blindsides the fans.  When every other network is looking for a series to compete with SHIELD they need look no further than the Executive Assistants.  Beautiful women, exotic locales and enough OMG moments to drain the office’s water cooler the next day.

The pace of this story takes any other comic book company’s books and puts them on fast forward.  Three issues have packed a year’s worth of stories and the issue’s last page only speeds up the excitement.  I haven’t been reading about these characters since the beginning but my anticipation is just as high as any long term fans.

Lily is unlike nearly any other female in comics.  She doesn’t need a man, she doesn’t need romance.  We do all need friends but that doesn’t mean we need to sleep with them.  Lily and Cope are not a couple.  There is no sexual tension from either side.  Who knew a man and a woman could be in a room together and not try to hook up with each other!  Lily then becomes one of the most innovative heroines I’ve ever had the privilege to watch when she outsmarts a gunman.  To try to be somewhat spoiler free, of course the door is going to become a target to avoid!

Then there is Lilac, one of the most ruthless characters in comics.  Her actions in this one issue have earned her an honorable mention as villain of the year.  Going into issue 4 and beyond, she may just take that title.  No mercy, all business, and I wouldn’t want her any other way.  To bring it back around, Lily vs. Lilac is going to be more anticipated than Buffy vs. Faith.

Every issue of this series has the intensity of a first issue.  Fights, deaths, explosions, reveals, tragedies and so much escalating drama that other publishers would call it an “anniversary” “can’t miss” “must have” event.  Aspen Comics and the Executive Assistant Assassins just call in the status quo.


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