The League XXIX: Back to School.


Its another round from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!  Each and every week this collection of geek and pop culture sites answers one question from League head, Brian of Cool and Collected.

Lets see what Brian has given us to ponder this week:

Summer’s over, it’s time to go back to school! (Interpret it as you will.)


Oh this is a tough one.  I hated school, but loved college.  But as I’m interpreting I don’t think this question is about that time of life, I think its the younger more formative years we are meant to talk about.  I was already deep into comic book love and thus also into the colorful and different.  While researching some of the classic school supplies from my youth I was surprised by how many flashy items were in my backpack.  Lets look at a few fun ones and then geek out over a long forgotten line of folders.

First, and without a picture is my favorite forgotten lunchbox.  The design was sort of like Mad magazine baseball cards, but they weren’t from Mad.  Sort of like Garbage Pail Kids for MLB.  Each side had a different strange looking player and I have been searching for even just an image of this for years.  If this sparks a memory with anyone please let me know so that maybe I can track this down.

Slap Bracelets

For a year this was the coolest thing in school.  The more the better.  These were the silly bands of our day but with a piece of metal that could be filed into a shiv at your tougher schools.  Fun story:  I went to a Catholic school, which meant we had to wear ties.  A slap bracelet could be worked up inside the tie and if pressed correctly it wouldn’t roll up (although that was fun to do with the slap bracelet tie as well) it would instead stick straight out.  Thus making it look like a giant tie-penis sticking straight out of the torso like a chest burster.  Yes.  Yes I would still find this funny today.

Yikes Pencils

Multi colored pencils that your parents thought were the dumbest thing they had ever seen.  That made it even more desirable.  All of the colors, all the patterns, everything about this was mandatory for school.  Class might be boring, but that doesn’t mean the notes have to be!   The last laugh is on all of us because there is a set of Yikes erasers going for $20 on eBay right now.  Twenty dollars for erasers!  That being said, I would totally blow that kind of money on a set of the pencils.


Ecto Cooler

You’re damn right we all had this as a kid and miss it horribly.


All of that has led me to the star of the article.  The 1994 extreme animals folders from Mead!  I remember buying every single one of these I could find and then either around Christmas time, or the following school year, buying a whole new set.  At first I just grabbed the ones with only animals and no humans.  But the series was too damn cool to not include all of the designs.  Yeah, I stayed away from anything too focused on sports even then.  (Which will make it even worse when I kick some some sports fans asses in the Madball  Fantasy League!)

I would buy the hell out of any of these just to show them off.  Nearly 20 years old and still as cool as they were on the first day I say them on a shelf at Hills Dept. Stores.




















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  1. YES! I had a couple of those folders. I think I got mine from Woolworth (who remembers that store?) at the local mall. I love how EXTREME everything in the late 80s/early 90s was. I also love that the iguana volleyball folder above still has some kid’s name on it. I remember at the start of the school year my dad would always go through all of my new school supplies and clothes and write or initial my name on them. Anything that could be Sharpie’d was Sharpie’d.

    • Speaking of writing your name on things that a kid might bring to school. I brought my comics to school. That’s right. The whole first year or two of comics I bought have my name inside right under the splash page.

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