Top 4 Matches of the Week in WWE 9/2/12 – 9/8/12

This week is trying to kill me. There were some damn good matches this week, and many which deserve recognition. I only have 4 spots though, and the list itself is going to kill me. Honorable mention, though, to The Usos vs. Ascension from NXT this week. Incredible match, great main event, and all four men have shown they have what it takes. However…

4. Layla vs. Natalya – Superstars

The only thing that would have made this match better is if Scott Stanford had been commentating it. Layla and Natalya are great athletes and better technical wrestlers than they are given credit for but they also show off their ability to just have fun. Layla dances and smacks her ass while Natalya throws tantrums and yells at the commentating team. The two women never stop during this match and deserve the recognition, even if it’s only from me and the Top 4 blog! Great job, ladies.

3. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Epico & Primo – Superstars

This was one of the better matches, as a tag team, that Kingston and Truth have had, which isn’t hard to believe. Epico and Primo are incredible in the ring and have an immense amount of talent that is usually looked over. Primo kicks around Little Jimmy and gets payback for his mistreatment of the character while they play a good back and forth between all four men.

2. Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler – RAW

It’s entertaining to see two men like Orton and Ziggler in the ring. Orton is slightly stiffer while still moving in a nearly fluid motion and Ziggler is the champion of selling a hit. Neither did anything they’ve never done before, but they did it together in a shining display of talent.

1. John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio – RAW

WHY CAN’T CENA TRY THIS HARD EVERY WEEK!?!? Instead of Cena starting the match like he’s already been going for fifteen minutes he was fresh and ready to go. He actually tried his hardest against Del Rio and gave the fans a good show. This might be the third time I remember him trying this hard in at least the last two years. This is the Cena we should see and it aggravates me that we do not. This was not a stale match, this was two men going at it like they cared what happened to them in the end. Does Cena have to know he’s going to lose to give a crap about the match itself? No, the match was not good because Punk interfered, it was good because both men put their all into it. Punk’s interference, though, was highly entertaining and the reveal of Heyman in the end added a bit of mystery. But, I expect to see typical Cena again next week.

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