Top 4 Smackdown 9/7/12

As is typical with Raw and Smackdown, Raw was fun and entertaining, but Smackdown had a lot of “meh” moments. There was 25:41 in match time, which isn’t bad for Smackdown, but the matches themselves were not the most entertaining, for the most part. There were 6:58 in recaps on the episode, though, which is plenty of time to have added something else, including a diva segment preferably. The divas have been getting a storyline, but when Smackdown has another agenda the divas get scrapped, then they wonder why no one cares. The divas are treated more poorly than the tag teams, and we know how the tag teams are treated!

4. Wade’s Return

The match itself wasn’t highly entertaining in the fact that I don’t typically prefer glorified squash matches. I said during the match that Wade should have been coming out for a feud, not to prove he’s still got it after being out for however long. Luckily he saved it all by saying he pretty much needed to do just that himself and he was now “open for business.” While women everywhere fanned themselves off people took attention again. I hope next week is a better display of actual “Barrett”.

3. Backstage Segments

I love the short stories they tell on Smackdown and this week they continually link things that are going on, and do it nicely. Booker T and David Otunga work well off of one another, though I keep hoping Otunga grows some facial hair again. He just looks so young without it! Plus who doesn’t love a random Daniel Bryan segment? I’m enjoying him more and more lately, so I was glad when Hornswoggle kicked him, if just so I could feel my own frustration in that kick. But really, it’s been brilliant.

2. Usos vs. Epico & Primo vs. Prime Time Players

Sure, they only had a little over 4 minutes, but besides Titus O’Neil everyone in the ring worked their hardest. They keep a nice fluid pace that made me wish that Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel had been there, and they had been given a few more minutes. Still, well done match, though it still likely won’t even make it into the Top 4 Matches of the week.

1. Damien Sandow vs. Randy Orton

Sandow just barely missed making it onto the Superstars top 4, so he decided to point out that he was worthy and put on a good match with Orton. The match was good, it was entertaining, it had Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler as a distraction was hilarious, standing up on the announce table and screaming at Orton. Sandow took this well for the most part while Orton’s growing frustration became apparent. The three worked well off of one another and furthered a storyline.


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