What Should We Watch Next?

For those of you who don’t know, Mr and Mrs Hellions like to sit down each night and marathon through an entire TV series.  Usually its on Netflix but occasionally we’ll have to spend money on season sets of a show that’s just too damn good (hello Fringe).

I know its in here somewhere!


Last night we finished up Firefly, leaving us without an hour long series to watch.  Parks and Rec is our current half hour show and we still have two seasons of that left.  But a drama will be needed for tonight!  Thus I turn to our fans and followers to vote in today’s poll.  I’m keeping it contained to Netflix Watch Instantly titles this time around because we don’t have the time or money for a trip to the store today.  Also, WalMart is the only store within 30 miles to buy any DVDs and I’m not expecting to find a great variety of box sets there.

The following titles are off the list because we have already watched them:

Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica (new), Caprica, Alphas, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Bones, and many many more.




Elise will have the final say, no matter what show wins.  However many votes for one show will sway her decision.


    • Breaking Bad is awesome. Burn Notice is just good fun. Mad Men is also good but dry at times. You should look up Wonderfalls. its a quirky one season show that was brilliant but cancelled by Fox–of course.

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