Comic Review: Hoax Hunters #3

From Image Comics, Michael Moreci, Steve Seely, Axel Medellin, Charo Solis, Jim Campbell, Sean Dove, and Ryan Browne.


First, this cover; wow. It’s fantastic, and as the reader finds out, it makes sense to the creature revealed in this issue. Kudos to Ryan Browne here. It doesn’t beat the last issues cover, but still great in it’s own right.

At the end of the second issue, our heroes – Jack, Regan, Ken – and with Murder down for the count and cornered by a bunch of Ghost Rider wanabees and some freaky looking monster, it doesn’t look good for them. Thankfully, a solution emerges and our heroes make it out safely.

A lot of questions are answered in this issue, questions that have been rearing their ugly heads for a couple of issues now. With those answers though, one big questions remains. Clive, the central antagonist, the cruel carnival leader, has ties to Jack’s father, a man who we find out, hasn’t actually died, but entered a parallel world. A world that Clive invariably has access to, as we find out that it’s he who unleashed this creature upon the world, for sinister purposes that involve going far in these parallel dimensions, for an as yet, unknown reason to the reader. The cost is high and heart-breaking, especially for a creature we don’t full know.

The best treat though is the back story on Jack’s father, Alan, a man who made “traversing universes” possible, as evidenced by his disappearance. The “memories” of him turn into talks with strange, and scary people. One man? whom doesn’t have a face.

The Voodoo scene of Louisiana makes a great appearance here, adding to the sprawling mythology that envelopes the page and get’s deeper in every issue. The full team dynamic also takes center stage in this issue, at least more pronounced as you get the full scale of how this team works and just what they know.

All in all, another stellar issue of Hoax Hunters, the series that I’ve come to rely on. The writing is rich from the dynamic team of Michael Moreci and Steve Seely; Axel’s art gets better every time I see it. Simply put, this is a monthly you should be reading.

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