Strange Comments Theater.


This is so bizarre I had to share it.

Under the article “Thor 2: Will Kat Dennings Be Enchanting?” there were three comments, all sent within four minutes.

They were sent by two people.  “kinasan” for one and three, and amora for two.

Here are those comments, in order.


ok then slut cant beleive u effed me out chik with the mostt guys wins @ the end of this school year deel?



So we see that it is just bizarre and there is no reason for these comments, nor do they apply to the article.  It seems that the two were having some sort of hide and seek across random blogs.  Leaving comments and trolling in their wake.  But here’s the funny thing:

All three comments come from the same email address and the same IP.  Meaning I have been lucky enough to have a crazy person argue with her/himself on the page.

Team Hellions, your source for split personality trolls!

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