The Smarked for Death Wrestling Review for WWE Monday Night Raw 9/10/12.

I’m writing this after everything had taken place with Jerry Lawler.  It will be strange to watch it from such a perspective, but lets get into some wrestling.

Bret Hart comes out and the crowd is deafening.  They don’t want him to talk, because they are too busy showing him 15 years of love and respect.

Punk comes out and compares himself to HBK.  Words. Punk says he would have just taken WCW money. Bret says prime vs prime he would have destroyed Punk.

Bret Hart/CM Punk Segment – 14:50

You have got to be shitting me.  15 minutes of TV time for what?  Just a bunch of words that didn’t build up to anything.  Yes, Bret Hart deserved to be on tonight or any night.  But this did nothing for the show, or the PPV, or the champion.

Ugh, Lawler line.  Just very weird.  “How are you feeling this week, Jerry?”

Kofi and Truth vs Miz and Antonio.

The tag team champions have a match!  As a tag team!  And there was a blue moon recently as well!  Its not a bad match, but not great either.  Kofi and Truth need to lose those titles.  Miz is doing great.  Antonio will probably lose the US title if his opponent will be decided before the PPV.  I’m curious how we’re going to predict that one this month.  Great little move by Aksana to lay on the apron and wash her man work.  Its the little touches that make for great heels.  Kofi wins after hitting trouble in paradise on Antonio.

Kofi/Truth/Miz/Cesaro Entrances – 2:12

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Miz & Antonio Cesaro – 4:27

I actually thought this was shorter than four and half minutes.  The whole match passed in a blink for some reason.  The later tag match is much better, thus furthering my desire to see a title change.


There is a big lawyer and clients meeting to discuss banning Sheamus’s Brogue Kick.  Pretty fun segment.  Sheamus had some very funny lines.  He Brogue Kicks the camera at the end.  Which I believe was being held by a woman.  Might want to clarify that one WWE.

“Do you know Daniel Bryan?”  Yes. Yes. Yes.  Just when that gimmick is over, they find a great way to bring it back.  Too funny.

Sheamus/Otunga/Ricardo Segment – 5:07

Its the only segment like this for the evening, and thus I’m good with it.  It was not funny enough to carry multiple segments though.  Thankfully that didn’t happen.


Layla Kaitlyn and Eve vs. Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, Natalya.

Eve tags herself in and hits a neck breaker on Alicia for the pin.  I’m not sure if Beth was ever in the match.  How long/short was this match?!

Diva Entrances – 1:28

Kaitlyn, Eve, Layla vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Alicia Fox – 2:28

Ouch.  That’s bad.  And its the only Divas segment of the night too.  I need to just accept that WWE is not the place for me to watch womens wrestling.  I don’t expect McDonald’s to sell Thai food and thus I should stop going there expecting something they just don’t do.


CM Punk talks to AJ.  Punk is upset that the fans will be picking his opponent tonight.  Brodus Clay startles Punk.  I would love to see Punk carry Brodus and see what kind of match we get out of it.

AJ/Punk Segment – 2:07

Really?  Pretty much just as much time for this as there was for the Divas match?  I know AJ is the star Diva in WWE right now but there is still plenty of time to show off the rest of them.

Right before the tag match (I think) Lawler has a little spasm, like a hiccup, and grabs his chest.  Very spooky to see now.

CM Punk vs…. Randy Orton!

Orton readies an RKO when Dolph runs out and attempts to attack from behind.  Super Orton takes put Ziggler and Punk.  Randy drops down for the RKO and Dolph makes his comeback.  Punk and Zigs take out Orton.  Jerry Lawler gets up and jumps in the ring to save Orton.  Randy and Jerry fight off the heels.

During the commercial, AJ makes it a tag team match.  CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler.

Paul Heyman walks down?!  Paul E has a sidebar with Punk.  Vickie interrupts and screams at both men that there is a match going on.  Even the referee leaves to figure out what’s going on.  Punk and Paul discuss what to do.  It honestly sounds like they’re going to go to dinner in Montreal.  Orton hits an RKO on Ziggler to end the match.

CM Punk/Randy Orton Entrances – 3:44

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton – 10:37

After Match – 1:11

Sudden Tag Match – 6:59

Nearly four minutes of ring entrances is a bit much.  I loved both matches, but seeing a 62 year old man hit a dropkick minutes before having a massive heart attack really puts a cloud over the match.  Is anyone doing star rankings this week?  I don’t feel the matches post King can really be judged.  Its a difficult week to even cover it all.

Matt Striker interviews Punk and Heyman.  “I’m a Paul Heyman guy.”

“I’m a Paul Heyman Guy” – 0:37

So am I!  Lets hang out!


Lawler is back at the announce table already (poor guy cant take a shower?  Although, considering everything that could have been worse).  A Kane and Daniel Bryan highlight video is shown.

Kane and Bryan talk with their therapist once more, at the behest of AJ.  It all leads up to a now infamous tag team match later tonight.

Zack Ryder appears on screen to tell Heath Slater that he is facing a Ry… but its not Ryder.

Heath Slater vs. Ryback.

Squash, obviously.

Recap of Slater/Ryder – 0:21

Slater/Ryback Entrances – 1:40

Heath Slater vs. Ryback – 2:10

I actually want to see Ryback and Ryder go somewhere.  One, Ryback as a hired gun could be loads of fun.  Two, Zack Ryder and Ryback tag team.  Ryder gets his ass kicked the whole time, then Ryback with the hot tag.  Ryback would learn a lot from Ryder.  Feed Me Shore?  I’ll work on a team name.

AJ talks to the Prime Time Players.  She says they are no longer the number one contenders.  Because they haven’t beaten every team, and they have  a match next!

The Prime Time Players vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan.

AJ/PTP Segment – 1:32

Bryan/Kane/PTP Entrances – 3:15

Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. PTP – 8:33

Really really surprised the match wasn’t shortened.  I cant comment on the time of it because we really don’t know what was going through the headsets at the time of this match.  That time could be shorter or longer than originally planned. We just don’t know.


Everything with Lawler happens during this match and its very tough to watch.  All four men are wrestling very well.  Titus and Darren cut off the ring and focus on the smaller Bryan.  Kane sits back and waits for the hot tag.  King’s commentary is very tough to hear.  Its happening and no one realizes it yet.  There are many pauses and slight stutters in his words.

Oh shit that’s bad.  Lawler is down, the whole crew doesn’t realize it yet and you can see from certain camera angles that he is on the floor, and people are attending to him.  Every fan is looking towards the table.  Cole was trying to continue to announce too but its intermittent   EMTs are running down.  The fans are chanting Jerry Jerry.  Wow TV really feels like a window right now.  One, because we are seeing this and two, because there is only so much we can see.   I cant move the TV screen to the left or right to see more.  I can see what is on screen and that is all.

I have to imagine that they can flip a switch on their headsets or at the table and talk to someone in the back.  Plus we all know that the announcers can hear people in the headsets.  The fans are out of it.  Titus is the only one that I can tell saw what was happening.

The match has been good, and credit to them for pushing through.  Kane choke slams Young and is about to go for the pin when Daniel tags himself in.  This upsets Kane and he choke slams Bryan as well.  But on top of Darren!  This enables Bryan to pick up the pin and we have new number one contenders for the WWE tag team titles.  Well that was one hell of a plot twist.  Well done to whoever wrote this one.  That was a new, fresh, original ending to a match.

Michael Cole is pushing ahead.  If I were a fan, or watching this live, or even one of the wrestlers in the ring, I would have thought that this was part of the show.  Oh Jerry just wrestled and then he drops at ringside.  Punk will probably attack him backstage as he’s being loaded into the ambulance.  It would make sense for a wrestling story.

Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Tyson Kidd.

Cole is announcing by himself.  He has yet to address the fans.  Right about now is when word started spreading.  The fans at the arena were tweeting, those that pay close attention watching at home saw what was taking place in the background.

Tyson wrestles a damn good match.  He even works in a Sharpshooter, much to the delight of the Montreal crowd.  I’ve always been a fan of the guy and he deserves so much more.  He’s one good match, one improved catch phrase away from being a main event talent.  Del Rio locks on the arm breaker and we all see the end of this match.  Alberto cuts a promo on Sheamus after the match.

Del Rio/Kidd Entrances – 2:20

Alberto Del Rio vs. Tyson Kidd – 2:55

I was all excited for Kidd having a match on Raw until I saw this time stamp.  But, it says a lot for Kidd that he got in as much as he did and the two men had a good match in such a short time.

Michael Cole address the fans.  He says Jerry collapsed and is receiving CPR in the back right now.  Cole is horribly choked up by this and its a wonder he was able to call the previous segments.

Sheamus vs. David Otunga.

Sheamus destroys Otunga.  No real surprise there.  David says the Celtic Warrior is nothing without the Brogue Kick so Sheamus decides to prove otherwise.  Sheamus breaks out a Sharpshooter, which seems odd shortly after Tyson used it.  Sheamus does it differently though.  Showcases his strength and size.

Sheamus leaves but comes back so he can hit a post match Brogue Kick on Otunga.  Huge pop from the crowd…. Oh but AJ may have not liked it.  AJ comes out and is about to fine Sheamus, we can only assume, but here comes Booker T.  Booker says it doesn’t matter when where or who, but if Sheamus uses the Brogue Kick while its still under investigation, he will be stripped of the World title.  Well that is pretty big.

Sheamus/Otunga entrances – 1:46

Sheamus vs. David Otunga – 1:27

After match chat – 4:23

Again, we cant be sure of what was or wasn’t supposed to happen.  Currently, Otunga deserves to be beat quickly, especially by a World champion.  Also, Booker has to come out to set up Night of Champions.  A short match is fine when so much had to happen after to set everything up for this weekend.

This is where we stop listing times because everything taking place with Jerry Lawler becomes more important than timing the matches.   Thanks to Solace Winter for her work and hopefully the next episodes are less dramatic.

Bret Hart and Rey Mysterio talk backstage.  “Yeah I got shit on in WCW too!”

Michael Cole was at ringside during the previous match but did not say a word.  Very very strange scene.

Cole announces that Jerry is breathing on his own but its still bad.  In respect to Jerry there will be no more announcing on tonight’s show.

Tough spot for WWE to be in.  Technically in respect should mean end the show early.  But look at all involved there.  The fans need their money refunded, the show still has an hour of TV time, there is advertising money, a PPV this weekend.  Ending the show an hour early is without any exaggeration a millions upon millions of dollars decision.

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio.

Its tough to watch Raw with everything going on.  Good crowd at least.  A quiet crowd would make this even tougher if not impossible to watch.  Cody gets the win and yay everyone celebrates.  Miz comes out to attack Rey but Cody takes out the Miz!  Cody holds up the Intercontinental title and I got that much more excited for Night of Champions.

Michael Cole addresses the fans again.  Cole says Jerry is breathing on his own and is responsive.

Bret Hart comes out and brings out John Cena.  Bret compares John Cena and CM Punk to Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels years and years ago.  High compliment.  CM Punk comes out and its a three way mic battle.  Punk as his number one fan is fantastic.  He says he’s better than Michaels, Stone Cold, and the Rock.  Punk reminds everyone he took out the Rock, which Cena couldn’t do in a year.  One hell of a promo by Punk.  All three of these men must have been in the back, well aware of what happened, and thought well lets go out there and swing for the fences.

Punk gets in Cena’s face and Hart’s face.  Bret punches CM Punk out of the ring.  Maybe the best send off that can be done in Montreal, especially considering the evening.

Michael Cole tells us that Jerry has been stabilized and that is good news for all right now.

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