Top 4 of NXT 9/12/12

As a whole this episode of NXT was a bit lackluster, but when broken up into parts there were many shining moments. However this is about picking my 4 favorites, which also meant leaving out things I did enjoy, like the Dylan/Sandow match. It was pretty much a glorified squash, but Dylan was able to get some defense in and show off his skill, unlike poor Chad Baxter against Big E, that was a showcase for Big E. However it was interesting to have Big E demand that the counts now go to 5 for him, not 3. It will be interesting to see where that gets him into trouble and where it proves his strength. However, these still didn’t make the top 4!

4. Where’s Trent?

There is a Where’s Trent video package announcing his return next week on NXT. I did not put this on the list just because Scott Stanford and Derrick Bateman made brief appearances in the video package but because as a whole it encompassed what Trent had been doing in a quick minute or so promo. It’ll be great to see Trent back in action.

3. Rick Victor/Seth Rollins

Rick Victor, in a Randy Orton-esque voice with quicker and smoother delivery, demands from Dusty Rhodes that he gets the shot at Rollins’ title. I’m already a huge Rick Victor fan, so this is fine with me. Rollins later has an interview with Pierce that Victor interrupts and then delivers a slap to Rollins that has the sound of a chair shot going over someone’s head. It was quite the slap. Rollins later goes to Dusty Rhodes demanding the match. Somehow Rollins found time to put his hair up between segments. That of course is just continuity since the segments don’t seem to be taped the night of the shows.

2. Kenneth Cameron vs. Jey Uso

Yes, I’m a huge Ascension fan and would rather see Kenneth Cameron win than Jey Uso, despite the fact that I like the Usos. Yes, I would feel a bit saddened by the fact that Cameron did not win and it might lose a spot because of that, but it’s not why this made it to #2 instead of #1, it was just the ending all together. For some reason when the Usos go to win against Ascension they make it as contrived as possible. It’s just so out of nowhere it makes no sense to be the next thing that happened, especially since Cameron had been in the lead. It was a good wrestling match and I enjoyed it, until that ending. It almost felt like, “Oops, out of time hurry, pin him,” was yelled out to the ref and they just had to end it instead of giving it another 20-30 seconds to look set up. I still enjoyed it, I loved Conor O’Brian’s participation from outside of the ring, but the ending could have been handled better.

1. Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty

This match was for a chance at the title that Rollins holds. Can you guess who wins? You know since WWE all together has an aversion to just letting faces go up against faces and the same for heels. Still, good match better than their last one, but I’m beginning to wonder if they were not feeling the same energy without an underlying plot line. Maybe I’m still missing Redemption. Either way, great match to watch, just not one of their best.

As usual thanks to @lindseyhxx for allowing me to use her Sunset Flip Photography for the blog! Follow her, she’s a bigger NXT fan than I am.

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