Top 4 of Superstars 9/13/12

The match left off this week is Jinder Mahal vs. Santino Marella. First, I’m so tired of seeing Jinder Mahal wrestle the same match constantly that I just don’t care. Santino’s entertaining, but there were better athletics shown in the Tensai match which made this one kind of make me roll my eyes. The best part to the Mahal/Marella match up is Mahal didn’t win for whatever-high-number-in-a-row on Superstars! No Camel Clutch! Instead… Cobra. Son of a…

4. Justin Gabriel vs. Tensai

Considering the two superstars in this I expect this to be the one I was dropping off of the list. Instead it slid on. While not the most technically sound match, or the most fun, Gabriel works surprisingly well with Tensai who seems to just enjoy wrestling. I give them credit for going out there and giving it their all in an awkward sort of match up and making it look good.

3. Zack Ryder vs. Cody Rhodes

This was an interesting match, but matches for me are ruined when I know the ending, and just seeing who is in the match I knew the ending. Didn’t keep them from letting Ryder gets three attempts on a pin in the first five minutes of the 10:27 match. Mathews comments that the first half of the match was mostly Ryder, but I hardly agree. Rhodes was putting on a beautiful show of having more attention on him, even if Ryder was doing most of the defense for the first half, he definitely was not dominating the show.

2. Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

The more I see Natalya in action the more I adore her, for the ring psychology alone. This week Alicia Fox proved she can hold her own and the women decided to be women in the ring. They have not put on the most technical of wrestling matches but they sure do some great moves and make it look like fun. I would rather see more match ups of divas having fun than men forced together for the sake of having a match and hating every moment of it.

1. Scott Stanford

I’ve decided I understand why I prefer Scott with Mathews as opposed to Striker, and it’s not because Mathews doesn’t talk much (which is also okay) but because Scott seems to have the snappier one-liners. This week he picks back up with the one-liners and story telling, even blaming Gabriel having a choice of opponent and choosing Tensai. He also segues well from that match into reminding us that Ziggler has the briefcase. Excellent storytelling and great fun from Stanford.

“The high flying, high octane Justin Gabriel starts us off.”

“Speaking of High Octane, how are you, Josh Mathews?”

“You get the pound you into the ground style of Tensai going up against the speed and tremendous athleticism of Justin Gabriel.”

“Tensai, who continues to be a runaway train here in the WWE.”

“He now calls himself the modern day Maharaja.”

“Loved worldwide is Santino Marella.”

“I don’t think Orton’s done with any runs any time soon.”


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