Top 4 of Superstars 9/20/12

It’s never a good sign when you’re completely willing to leave off the main event with no qualms about it. Well, there you go. Funny that Superstars came up about a minute short of NXT’s wrestling time, but NXT had better matches for the most part AND storytelling. (and more matches). Somewhere WWE is tripping over itself when Superstars airs to just shove all of the commercials and recaps they possibly can in 45 minutes while appeasing you with perhaps 22 minutes of wrestling. I’ve complained about this before and I am going to continue to complain about this. This is the wrestling show, but it has four matches, around five minutes apiece (with the Smackdown matches having one suffer so the other can be longer) and then overloads you with recaps and ads. Another ten minutes of wrestling and less recaps would make this a better show. I get they need to sell their product, but darn it, don’t do it at the expense of good matches. I’m not even asking for more than four matches, four is a nice amount to showcase talent, but give them a bit longer.

If you don’t know, the main event tonight was Usos vs. The Prime Time Players. So after I rant about not enough wrestling time I am leaving off the match that did take place the longest amount of time (7:48) because damn, Titus, just no.

4. David Otunga vs. Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd usually makes it to the top of my list on any show he’s been on, but he’s against Otunga, who is stiff. It’s hard to have someone like Kidd work against someone who has a hard time being smooth in the ring. I’m not taking away from Otunga but Otunga at times reminds me more of physique and brains. He does his best, though, and his best is good enough for an entertaining match.

3. Ted Dibiase vs. JTG

I’m disappointed this wasn’t Dibiase’s return back. Having him return in the Battle Royal was great, but while many guys who return from injury get that instant push, or at least some story, they had Dibiase return and be the third one thrown out in the Battle Royal. This was a much better showcase of Dibiase returning. JTG is a great opponent to wrestle against if you want someone to look good. While the man is terribly underappreciated for the talent he has he manages to make others look great. That takes talent. Dibiase’s return isn’t quite a full recovery, he has a bit of “ring rust” still, but it’s good to see that the beats he’s missing shouldn’t cost him too heavily. Entertaining match with immense talent.

2. Jinder Mahal vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre. As a face? That’s the only thing I can garner from this match, other than he’s an incredible talent. McIntyre loses some of his aggression and comes out with the trademark smirk, but even with a small tilt in that smirk it goes from superior to nearly friendly. His hair isn’t in a tie, there’s no tearing it out to show his frustration, it’s simply wetted back. The subtle changes are enough to show that this might be a change for McIntyre. I don’t care, just give McIntyre SOMETHING. The man is one of the most talented in-ring performers, stop wasting him. Yeah, this match pretty much made it to best match of the evening because of Drew’s changes and that I’m holding onto some hope.

1. Scott Stanford

It may start to seem arbitrary at this point that I have Scott Stanford at number one, but there’s a reason I do it, and it’s not just because the man is incredible and a big part of my WWE experience. It’s because as a commentator he’s terribly underappreciated for the work he does. He interviews every superstar to learn aspects of their lives to bring to the commentator table. He makes an actual emotional investment in the men and women out there. He does the same on this episode, and every episode, but instead gets relegated to about 15 minutes of on-air time. Does he let it show? Never. He goes out and sells these athletes and you do not even realize he’s doing it. Face or heel he has something to say about them, and while Regal gets all of the respect in the world for doing the same thing, Scott is underappreciated. #ScottStanfordForSmackdown

“JTG is so fly when you hang out with him after 11 it’s considered a red eye.”

“Reverberated throughout the arena! How did Mahal get back up?”

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  1. Did you see Smackdown last night? First Drew and Jinder wrestle each other and then they and Heath Slater are teaming together. *In Hurricane’s voice* WHAT’S UP WIT THAT?!

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