Top 4 of Smackdown 9/21/12

What a Smackdown. Unfortunately, though, it was not a night of great matches. But the segments were great, furthered storylines, and were just all out hilarious. Hard to not appreciate the work they put into on this episode, and while match length was typical for a Smackdown, at the same time there were too many one to two minute matches.

4. Divas

Despite a match that only last about 1:31 in length, Layla and Eve clearly were able to keep building their characters. Layla showed her frustration with Eve through the match and Eve continued on with her façade of naiveté, which works out wonderfully for her. And despite Natalya being in the ring for a short amount of time, the diva beauty shows off her skills in that short time. Also, props to Aksana. Aksana helped further the Cesaro storyline along again. It will be interesting to see where Aksana’s character will go from here, though I do hope this doesn’t lead to her trying to side with Santino and the Cobra. Time for her to find someone else. And did she, perhaps, sabotage this all on purpose?

3. McIntyre, Slater, and Mahal attacking Clay

Heath Slater again Brodus Clay kind of had me rolling my eyes. (I avoided spoilers all week, I try really hard to do this, so don’t judge me when I don’t know what’s coming!) I’m tired of Slater being squashed. The man is talented. He might have an annoying character, but that’s what makes it a bit endearing. Then McIntyre and Mahal came running out and attacked Clay, with Slater joining in, and my mind couldn’t fathom this. What a mixture of men, with quite the mixture of reactions. And if you haven’t already, go here and watch the exclusive interview that Striker has with the three men after the show.

2. Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton & Sheamus

This is the only actual match to make it on my list for Smackdown. It does not need a lot of conversation. This match was given the longest amount of time and all four (yes, all four) put their hearts and bodies into it and gave it their all. There were a few good spots, like Orton kicking Del Rio out of the ring, that raised it up to a higher level, and made this not just a good match, but a better match.

1. Opening Segment

Darn you WWE writers for making me actually like Daniel Bryan. I was adamantly against him (not as a wrestler, but as a character). He bored me, I felt like nodding off every time he cut a promo. Then he became Goat Face, stopped being an uptight good boy, or a misogynist who was going to have AJ committed, and now I look forward to his character. And somehow a teaming with Kane works. Wonderfully. I could have just made Kane and Bryan throughout the show number one, but honestly, of all of the segments I’ve seen this week, and possibly past weeks, this was the greatest. This was comedic timing with setting up the story. This teased a possible alliance that isn’t so rocky with Kane and Bryan, and was furthered throughout the show. And look at Edge! Opening up and hugging Kane and welcoming Bryan over. And what a way to get Sandow booed. Sandow’s always had reactions, even if sometimes they are lukewarm, but the crowd was enjoying it so much they flat out booed Sandow like mad (and rest assured, those were not piped in sounds!) I’m perfectly fine with 16 minutes of an opening segment if they can all be done the way this one was.

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