StateoftheLinds: Fall TV anticipation & disappointments

With the new TV season practically upon us, here are the top 5 shows I can’t wait for and the top 5 of my former favorite shows I am rather ambivalent about.



  1. The Voice

I admit it. The voice is my guilty reality show pleasure. I love the first two rounds (Blind Auditions and the Battle Rounds), I enjoy the competitive yet supportive atmosphere with the coaches, I and I really enjoy how hot Adam and Blake are. However, they need to stop crowning talented but generic R&B singers as their winners. SNOOZE. And we ALL know that Juliet should have won last season.


  1. Dexter

    OMFG. Last season was AH-MAYYYYYYYY-ZING! They did “crazy religious dude” perfectly (True Blood, you should have watched how this idea was done right!), especially with the casting of Admiral Adama….errrr, I mean, Edward James Olmos. I can’t wait to see what happens with Deb! TOO MANY DAYS LEFT! I only hope this can keep getting better and better, if that is even humanly possible.

  2. The Walking Dead

    We all agree Hershel’s farm got tedious last season. Now there’s a chick with a sword! And a prison! And an even gritter Rick! Let’s hope Lori or Carl bites the big one this season and there are even more ZOMBIES! BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS.

  3. Big Bang Theory

    This is my one nods to a witty half an hour show. I love it. The addition a few seasons ago of Amy Ferra-Fowler refreshed a somewhat stale dynamic.

  4. Once Upon a Time

    This show can get a little overwhelming at times (I am going to re-watch now that it is on netflix) with the addition of new fairy tale character’s most of the time. However there is good twists and turns, it is well written and mostly well acted. I absolutely love Mr Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and the main protagonist of the show. Lets hope they don’t fall into the Season 2 slump!


And formerly favorite shows:

1. Glee

  1. Was anyone else frustrated with last season? One (or short) episode mini-plots like Quinn’s paralyzation that should have been through out the whole season. Mr Shue all the sudden being a crappy Spanish teacher, Kurt killing it for his NYADA audition and NOT getting in? And so many more. WEAK! What did I like? Santana—she was pretty much the only well written character amongst a show full of plot holes.
  2. Bones

    This was much more exciting when there was sexual tension between Booth and Bones. However, the crime of the week is always interesting. Also, I want to be Angela. And Hodgens is my pretend boyfriend.

  3. American Idol

    Okay, to be honest here, I think I watched only season 6….I think? The season when David Cook won. Either way. I think it is going to blow more then usual with the new panel of Mariah Carey, Nikki Meningitis (or whatever), and Keith Urban. Along with the DAWG himself, Randy. How is this show even relevant anymore? It’s soooo 2002.

  4. The X Factor

    I am just bitter that this doesn’t come available on any form of streaming that I can find. Or even just as a regular episode. I am not going to buy it. I kind of dig Simon, but I have masochistic tendencies.

  5. Grey’s Anatomy

    I really, guiltily LOVE this show. And Shonda Rhymes does amazing season openers and enders, but the last few seasons the rest of it as SUCKED. I want my Cra-Cra Grey’s Anatomy back. You know, when Christina wasn’t traumatized, Meredith wasn’t married, Derek was Mc Dreamy, and Mc Streamy was…well….Steamy. I think both Mark and Arizona are going to bite it when the new episode airs this week. Hopefully we get sassy Christina back…

And for your viewing PLEASURE:



  1. Man, I really need to get caught up on Dexter. I’m not even going to watch that trailer out of fear it’ll ruin something for me. And I’m really REALLY excited for Walking Dead to start up again. The rest of these shows… meh. I might give The X Factor a shot, only because I enjoy watching Simon Cowell tell it like it is. I would have watched a lot more American Idol if it was reworked as a show where it’s nothing but Simon ripping people a new one. I’m also kind of curious to see how Britney handles herself; I’ve always liked her & kind of rooted for her–judge away.

    • Britney used to be so cute and have so much potential. Has she had a hit in years? Or created anything? Revolution is pretty good so far. Somehow Last Resort flew under my radar. Might have to find that one. Oh, try Alphas if you’re not already!

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