WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 9/28/12.


Big Show starts the show.  He wants a title shot.  Randy Orton comes out, and there will be a match tonight.  Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez come out as well.  He wants a destiny shot as usual.  Orton hits an RKO and then looks at Show.

Antonio Cesaro beats Santino Marella.

Beth Phoenix beats Natalya.

Eve Torres comes out to talk about the Divas.  Beth is suspended while the attack at Night of Champions is looked into.  Booker T comes out and lifts that same suspension.  Eve blames Teddy Long for everything.

Wade Barrett defeats Zack Ryder.

The Miz comes out to host Miz TV with tonight’s guest, Sheamus.  Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero come out. Words and then a fight that Sheamus comes out the better.

Team Rhodes Scholars defeat the Usos.

Ryback beats Tensai.

Randy Orton vs. Big Show is scheduled but Alberto Del Rio attacks Orton on the way out.  Big Show then defeats Randy Orton.  Show is now facing Sheamus at Hell in a Cell.


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