Reviewing Blood Ties Book One: The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout


This book comes off a score of novels I’ve read about vampires that I found in the romance section. This immediately made me think, “I remember a time when I liked vampires. Was obsessed. Now the shelves are filled with romantic drivel.”

The plot is basic, a doctor finds herself in a vampire state after she nearly dies and has to choose between The Movement and the vampires the Movement is trying to destroy. The Movement is basically the good side, but it’s really loosely good. Enter Dhalia who helps get the plot in motion, a modern day witch who longs to be a vampire and despises our main character, Carrie. Dhalia is a horrible person, but not without sympathy, while Carrie is a good person not without the need to throttle her. Nathan, the man Carrie turns to, and Cyrus, the vampire who sired Carrie, round out a cast of characters that all are human and monster.

This did not belong in romance. Sure, the main character has two men to choose from, but there’s a lot of things missing from this that typically make up a romance novel than a multitude of love interests. The biggest reason this is not a romance is there is absolutely nothing that most women would curl up and go, “That’s so romantic.” This is a novel about obsession more than it is love. Don’t expect a nice little bow on the end of this first novel, and don’t expect to like either of her prospects, or completely hate them.

The vampires in this novel are dark and deadly. It touches slightly on other races of beings but doesn’t explore them and I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see more of it in other novels. Still, excellent executed all of the way through. A few minor errors that I will not nitpick the author on, for once, but nothing that would keep me from recommending this novel to others. For once I was happy to have read a contemporary vampire novel again. It had been awhile.

Reasons to Read:

– Characters with character, no Mary Sues

– Interesting vampire lore wrapped up together without going too far

– No perfect little bow

– Very well written

Reasons Not To Read:

– It is not a romance, if that is what you are looking for

– Dark details, bloody, gory

– Vampires

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